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Since the history of time, a God’s Trial isn’t something that occurs often. Only when an invaluable treasure is gained or when an extraordinary cultivator has a breakthrough, do the Gods send down thunders to stop such achievements.

For this reason, there is an old saying that was passed down through the Taoism community.

Those who do not trigger a God’s Trial are not Heaven’s Favorites. Those who cannot survive a God’s Trial are also not Heaven’s Favorites.

In other words, God’s Trial was the most accurate way to test out a cultivator’s potential. Of course, this measuring method was mostly to judge cultivators from the previous generations.

In the Taoism community today, talent has been lacking. Very few could even cause a God’s Trial these days, let alone confront and survive one.

Today, Ling Xian, with his courage and his bravery, welcomed God’s Trial. Though he was slammed by lightning until he spewed blood and has become very weak, he did not fall apart.

How unbelievable was this?!

Just using what happened today as an example, Ling Xian is considered to be stronger than all other insane talents!

Everyone was shocked to their core as they stared at the youth in his bloodstained Amour. Their eyes were full of respect, as if they saw an Immortal.

"Unbelievable. He single-handedly survived the golden bolts of lightning. Master Ling is too strong!"

"How dominating. From today on, nobody else dares to fight for the peerless Heaven’s Favorite title!"

"Yes. Before, we called Master Ling a peerless Heaven’s Favorite as a way to flatter him. But after today, this title truly belongs to him."

"You’re right. Since the history of time, those who cannot make it through a God’s Trial are not truly a Heaven’s Favorite. Today, Master Ling survived the trial, making him a true Heaven’s Favorite."

Everyone chitchatted, their statements full of praises and respect.

It was true. Calling cultivators like the Demonic Fairy a Heaven’s Favorite was half flattery, half truth.

After all, God’s Trial is the only and the most accurate way to measure this title.

Those cultivators who have not experienced the test of God’s Trial cannot be truly called Heaven’s Favorite. The Demonic Fairy, for example, though she doesn’t think anything of the younger generation, everyone knows that unless she makes it through a God’s Trial, she cannot look down on those from the same generation.

Now that Ling Xian has survived the God’s Trial, he was now considered to be a true peerless Heaven’s Favorite!

"Ling Xian."

Staring at the bloody but still handsome silhouette, Qin Yan Ge’s expression was complex. Tightly forming fists with both of her hands, her watery eyes were filled with respect but also defeat.

She knew that with her own capabilities, there was no way for her to survive the lightning attacks, especially the golden bolts of lightning.

Upon seeing Ling Xian’s success, all she could feel was defeat.

"I thought I was one of the best Heaven’s Favorites. Only today did I learn that I was a frog at the bottom of a well."

Qin Yan Ge sighed. Within that sigh was too many emotions that were hard to explain.

"This is the true definition of a peerless Heaven’s Favorite. I wonder where this apprentice really came from." Zi Dong Lai had a lot to exclaim about as well. His stern face was ridden with shock.

He was the leader of this House after all, and thus he soon recollected himself. To the Demonic Fairy, he said, "Let’s go and see how injured this Heaven’s Favorite, who rattled the 36 Islands, is."

Qin Yan Ge lightly nodded. Alongside Zi Dong Lai, they flew through the air and landed on the mountain peak where Ling Xian stood.

Seeing this, everyone began to move, some headed for Ling Xian.

Without exception, all those who went to see him were of or above the foundational level.

As for those low leveled descendants, though they wanted to share Ling Xian’s glory, they were self-aware and knew they had no rights to.

By now, Ling Xian has sat in a lotus position and was inhaling spiritual energy to heal his body.

Only after sensing that a large number of cultivators were close by, did he open his eyes and stand up.

Cough… Cough…

Ling Xian coughed twice. Fresh blood splattered on the rocks nearby, the bright red dots startled everyone.

His injuries were serious this time.

Despite this, he still stood up straight.

The handsome stance in his fragile state wavered everyone’s hearts.

"Ling Xian, how are you?" Zi Dong Lai landed on top of a mountain peak, finding it difficult to conceal the worries he felt.

Ling Xian’s heart felt warm. He smiled. "Not a big deal. I won’t die. I will simply need to rest for a while."


Noticing that despite Ling Xian’s difficulty in breathing, his eyes were as shiny as ever. Zi Dong Lai thought it was unusual. Forgetting social etiquette, he scanned Ling Xian up and down using a specialized technique.

He saw that though Ling Xian was very injured, his spiritual energy was not at all hurt. This meant all his wounds were wounds of the flesh.

"Phew… You, what can I even say about you?" Zi Dong Lai was a little speechless as he exhaled all the shock that was pumping in his chest.

Facing a God’s Trial, not only did he not fall, but his spiritual roots were also unwounded. How Heaven defying was this?

The Demonic Fairy and others exchanged wryly looks; speechless.

Originally, these people prepared many questions to ask. However, after seeing Ling Xian, they realized all those things were useless.

Though Ling Xian appeared weak and very injured, it was nothing detrimental. Everyone could see that.

"Thank you for all your worries," Ling Xian formed a fist and cupped it with another to gesture his appreciation.

After he spoke, everyone else chimed in with an endless amount of statements of flattery and compliments.

"Haha, I knew Master Ling would be unharmed. He is a peerless Heaven’s Favorite, how hurt could he possibly be?"

"Yeah, not only did Master Ling made it through the God’s Trial, but he also sustained no internal injuries. How powerful."

"Since the beginning of time, only those who could handle God’s Trial are true Heaven’s Favorites. Master Ling is the phoenix of all the Heaven’s favorites."

"Yes, yes. Master Ling’s talent is beyond the world. He could be named best of the generation."

"What? Best of the generation? Calling him best of the world is not an overstatement."

Everyone competed on who had the best compliment.

"Not again…"

Ling Xian sighed silently but had to fake a look of enjoyment. After all, he could not make a sultry face when everyone was praising him.

Seeing Ling Xian’s smile, everyone became even more energized. Nobody knows how they could have such thick skin as they continued to flatter Ling Xian with a straight face.

However, Ling Xian was not as thick skinned. Even though these people were simply exaggerating facts, he was still embarrassed. He quickly brandished his hand and said, "Stop praising me. I have businesses to attend to."

Then, he no longer paid attention to these people and shifted his gaze to the perfect Foundational Dan in the sky.

Though the Dan has been born, it was not truly finished. There was one step left.

Dividing the Dan.

The fist-sized Dan had to be divided into dragon-eye sized Dans.

Seeing this, everyone followed Ling Xian’s gaze. Immediately, greed filled their faces.

Everyone here was higher leveled and thus, experienced in the Taoism community. They recognized this Dan as the Foundational Dan and that it was tenth ranked!

An invaluable treasure!

Though nobody could confidently make the claim that there is only one of these Dans in the world, there can’t be more than five.

How could they not be greedy?

All they could do though was suppress that ugly side of them and not make a single comment.

Because the owner of this Dan was Ling Xian.

The Heaven defying, insane cultivator who confronted God’s Trial!

Even if they could borrow courage from others, they would not dare to snatch something that was Ling Xian’s!

They have fully learned of Ling Xian’s capability. Other than Zi Dong Lai and the Demonic Fairy, everyone here could be slaughtered by him within a second.


Ling Xian formed a hand seal and summoned an alchemy technique.

Immediately, the perfect Foundational Dan emitted golden lights that brightened the entire sky.

Then, the Dan cracked.


After one crisp sound, the golden Dan divided into seven medicinal Dans the size of a dragon’s eye.

Immediately, the medicinal fragrance entered everyone’s nostrils and calmed their moods.

The seven golden Dans were suspended in mid-air and continued to emit heavenly lights. There were no carvings on the Dans; its smooth surface gave everyone the feeling of flawless and perfection.

A perfect medicinal Dan!

To have reached a level of flawless, no carvings were required to prove its quality.

Staring at the perfect Foundational Dan, Ling Xian’s lips curled up. He felt proud.

Every single alchemist dream of brewing the perfect Foundational Dan, he was no exception.

As a 19-year-old, he has brewed something that some alchemists can’t achieve in their lifetime. How could he not be proud?

However, soon, his pride turned into calmness and ambition.

He will not be satisfied with a perfect Eighth Realm Dan. He needed to climb higher and brew a perfect Seventh Realm, Sixth Realm, and even a First Realm Dan!

"Master, I have created a perfect Foundational Dan. When you awaken, you must feel pleased with me." Ling Xian softly grinned.

This was predictable and expected. Any alchemist, upon seeing their apprentice creating a perfect Dan, would feel proud and pleased.

Even if the alchemist was Liao Cang Qiong.

"A perfect Foundational Dan…"

Everyone exclaimed as their gazes turned heated. Even Zi Dong Lai and the Demonic Fairy.

Though everyone here was of the foundational level and did not even have a need for this Dan, as someone in this community, who didn’t have a family member or an apprentice that needed it?

They didn’t need to use it, but their descendants did!

Remember that this was a Foundation Dan that leaves behind no poison in cultivator’s bodies. This is a Foundational Dan that doesn’t harm the physical bodies of anyone.

Not only so, but it would also help establish a strong foundation in a cultivator’s life and help the consumer march further on their journey.

The advantages of this Dan was endless.

Therefore, everyone was looking at Ling Xian with an enthusiastic stare. However, they had no relationships with him, how could they just ask him for it?

Ling Xian smiled. He knew exactly what these people were thinking. But this was an invaluable treasure, why would he give it out without a reason?

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