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In the sky, more and more dark clouds converged as lightning and thunder cross-fired with each other.

Bolts after bolts of lightning brewed inside the clouds, brightening up the night sky and shaking up the Earth. An atmosphere of destruction was created.

This was a punishment!

This indicated that the Heaven was enraged and symbolizes the true power of the Heavens above!

Every time a cultivator reaches a realm where the Gods can no longer tolerate, the Gods will send down lightning in an attempt to stop the cultivator’s breakthrough and to destroy the object that defies Heaven.

Of course, the claim that Heaven does not tolerate such behaviors is an overstatement. The phrase that the God is putting on a test is more accurate.

For example, right now, the perfect Foundational Dan has triggered a punishment.

The result was that lightning had filled the clouds. If stopped, then the object can maintain its value. If not, then it can only be carried away by the wind.

Back in those glorious days of cultivation, punishments from the Gods were a lot more common. The news that another Heaven’s Favorite reached a higher level of training was a regular occasion.

But now, it was very rare to see anyone being punished.

One can even make the claim that it never happens anymore!

After all, compared to the centuries before this one, there hasn’t been a lot of talents in the Taoism community. Very few Heaven’s Favorite would trigger a trial sent by the Gods.

This was why when everyone saw the signs of the punishment, their faces were full of disbelief.

"This is… God’s Trial!"

"It really is a perfect Dan. This Heaven defying behavior has attracted thunderous punishments!"

"Master Ling is about to face some hardships. The God’s Trial is powerful and overwhelming. Even back in the days, very few can defend against it!"

"That’s right. Even though the severity of the punishment changes with the person’s cultivation, the power of each punishment is about the same. Most people cannot prevail, and some even die!"

Chatter broke out amongst the crowd. Staring at the destructive lightning, they were full of worries.

Worried that Ling Xian would be unable to defend.

This was normal. Though everyone here knew that Ling Xian was powerful, the prowess of the God’s Trial was just too dominant. Out of 10, nine people fall dead in the hands of such punishments. It was no surprise that these people were somewhat worried.

Every pair of eyes were on the young man wearing a white robe on top of the mountain peak. They waited for his decision. Was he going to use his body to protect the object, or was he going to give up the tenth ranked Dan?

"I brought God’s Trial upon myself…"

Ling Xian’s expression was frigid. Staring at the endless amount of clouds, he stayed on guard and remained alert.

Though the God’s Trial before him was targeted at the perfect Foundational Dan, in terms of the punishment itself, it was not one that was impossible to defend. However, a God’s Trial is still a God’s Trial, its terror was widely known. Even if it were an Immortal standing here, the expression of his or her faces would change.

Ling Xian did not dare to be reckless.

"Master, let’s give up on the perfect Foundational Dan," Yun Meng’s face was full of anguish as she urged.

Yun Yan, on the other hand, formed fists out of worry.

Seeing their reactions, Ling Xian faintly smiled. "Don’t overthink it. Though the God’s Trial is strong, it may not be able to kill me."

"But… it’s the God’s Trial. Are you sure you can handle it, Master?" Yun Meng was worried sick.

"When have I ever disappointed you?" Ling Xian pointed at her little head with an index finger, his handsome face did not show a trace of fear.

This was the first time he had to face the God’s Trial.

During the Lost Century, he experienced this as well. That time, lightning struck his skin open, and his blood almost ran dry. However, he survived.

What was there to fear then?

"Master, let’s not risk it. It’s not worth it to trade your life for a Dan," Yun Meng continued to urge him. Dragging on his sleeve with her tiny hand, she did not want him to protect the Dan with his body.

"But it’s a perfect Dan. There is probably only one or two in the entire universe. I cannot give up such a valuable possession so easily." Ling Xian smiled, telling the two of them to stop worrying.

Then, he waved his sleeve. A gentle gush of wind blew and carried the two sisters down the mountain.

"It’s been a while, God’s Trial. I wonder if you will bring me to the edge of death like you did during the Lost Century." Ling Xian revealed a grin as he stared at the terrifying lightning in the sky.

He did not continue to speak. After forcing the two sisters down the mountain, he has established his decision. He will defend!

Realizing this, every spectator’s face changed colors. Qin Yan Ge and Zi Dong Lai shot up to the sky and headed for Ling Xian. However, before they could reach him, they heard Ling Xian’s bright laughter.

"Please stay where you are. I appreciate your kindness, but please let me handle this God’s Trial by myself."

The Demonic Fairy and Zi Dong Lai frowned and exchanged glances. They then stopped their movements hundreds of meters away from Ling Xian.

Ling Xian softly smiled. He raised his head and looked into the sky as he heightened his spiritual energy to the highest point possible.

He had to face what was about to come in his best state!

The clouds were becoming denser and denser in the sky. Like a toad, it swam, like a snake, it danced – mysterious and eerie.

On top of the mountain peak, Ling Xian had a smile on his lips. His white robe gently fluttered, accenting his extraordinary temperament.

Facing the frightening God’s Trial, he did not choose to hide. Instead, he was about to face it heads on. Using his own capabilities, he was determined to confront the God’s Trial and break its reputation!

Despite the result, his determination and his courage was not something everyone had.

Right now, Ling Xian was standing on top of the mountain peak. His desire for a battle was scorching.

"Come at me. I sure want to see how you are planning to destroy my perfect Foundational Dan," Ling Xian grinned as his vigor swallowed the mountain and river whole!

As if the Gods have heard his statement, the dark clouds started to roll ferociously. The sky instantly filled with swimming electricity that expanded and extended in all directions.


Silver and white lightning struck at an impassable speed. The hair stood up on every spectator’s skin as everyone’s expression changed.

Even the completion leveled cultivator, Zi Dong Lai, reacted the same way. It was not hard to see just how fearsome the God’s Trial was.

This was a reaction from him when the God’s Trial was happening rather far away from him. For Ling Xian to be facing the lightning alone and in such close proximity, just how scared would he be?

"The power from this lightning bolt was in the undefeatable realm of the foundational level!" Ling Xian felt a little dizzy. After correctly evaluating the strength of the lightning, his eyes shone. He summoned two of the transformative qualities of the Eyes of Execution!

However, before he could brandish his halberd, the lightning bolt had landed before him. The prowess of it made his eyes widen.

In that split second, Ling Xian crazily called out to his armor. A borderless amount of light dazzled in an attempt to protect him from the horrifying lightning bolt!


Lightning finally struck. Despite the armor’s effort, it could not block the God’s Trial.

In the moment of the clash, Ling Xian was sent flying. He staggered backward with difficulty as blood dripped down his chin.

One hit!

After merely one hit, Ling Xian was wounded. Ever since his debut as a cultivator, this has never happened before. Especially after he used the Armor of the Royal Spirits!

Remember that the armor was known to be able to block three thousand beasts and was unmatchable in terms of defense abilities!

But before his own eyes, the armor was shattered within one attack. How unbelievable was this turn of event!

This result has stunned everyone!

Everyone’s gaze was concentrated on Ling Xian as their eyes widened in disbelief!

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