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Chapter 248: Resistance
After the strike of the God’s Trial, Ling Xian was bleeding from his lips and he was thrown meters backward.
This scenery shocked everyone!
Everyone sluggishly stared at Ling Xian, their faces written with disbelief.
Ever since Ling Xian claimed victory against the Demonic Fairy, everyone has learned of his overpowering capability and undefeatable mentality!
But now, he was wounded after merely one hit even with the use of his Armor of the Royal Spirits!
How unbelievable was this!
The forceful impact of the situation dragged everyone into a state of chaos and loss!
What a frightening God’s Trial!
Everyone’s scalp tingled as their bodies quivered.
Even Zi Dong Lai was getting chills down his back as if he was thrown into an ice cave.
The only person who remained calm at the scene was Ling Xian. Though a single strike of lightning has wounded him, he did not feel any fear. Instead, his desire for battle was ignited!
Only strong opponents can excite him!
At this moment, Ling Xian felt bold and unrestrained as his killer instinct grew!
"What’s a powerful God’s Trial. But this alone isn’t enough to make me feel threatened."
The corner of Ling Xian’s mouth rose as his white robe was crazily lifted in the wind. Pointing the Halberd of the Divine Warrior into the sky, the power he exuded matched the vigor of the God’s Trial!
The stain of red down his chin did not erase any of his grandeur. Rather, it only added a hint of deviousness.
"Come at me. I sure want to see how badly you can hurt me!"
Ling Xian wore his gold Armor and grasped onto the Halberd. Looking into the lightning ridden clouds in the night sky, his eyes spoke nothing but his thirst for war.
As if understanding his words of provocation, the dark clouds and thunder spun and swirled. Rays of lightning swam through the clouds and expanded in all directions.
A tornado was created alongside the thunder and the lightning. The entire space began to shake with a hint of destruction.
In the next moment, a silver lightning hammered down from the Heavens and aimed directly at Ling Xian!
The thunder continued to rumble and penetrate the air. A terrifying amount of energy rolled out and engulfed the entire space!
"Don’t you dare believe that you succeeded in getting rid of me!"
Ling Xian screamed. His Halberd of the Divine Warrior exploded with thousands of rays of heavenly lights that dashed forward to greet the silver lightning!
He did not dodge nor did he back away. He faced it heads on!
The thunders and bolts of lightning mixed together resulted in an indescribable demolition! This was no a technique summoned by a cultivator, it was the God’s Trial!
Any cultivator would be fearful before the God’s Trial. However, Ling Xian did not feel any trace of angst. His Halberd, as if undefeatable, destroyed the lightning in an instant!
Though he got rid of the lightning, the amount of power from the attack made his complexion chalky and his blood boil.
Booom Booom Booom!
As if the Gods realized that one lightning wasn’t enough to defeat Ling Xian, they sent down 10 lightning bolts all at once.
The thunderous clouds swirled as electricity roamed the sky before finally rushing down towards Ling Xian!
This scene changed the color on everyone’s face!
Ling Xian’s scalp tingled as he felt the trickiness of the situation. The God’s Trial has locked him in tightly and gave him no place to escape. The only way to go was confronting it!
"Let’s kill it!"
Screaming, Ling Xian held onto his Halberd as his Armor shone with golden lights. Wrapping onto him tightly, together with the Armor, they dashed into the sky!
At the same time, the Sword of Extinction and the Winged Blitz appeared!
The fact that Ling Xian did not dodge but rather ur

ged on petrified everyone.
"Oh my goodness. He is Master Ling after all. Not at all fazed by the God’s Trial! He is staring into its eyes!"
"Unbelievable! Master Ling is so gutsy. This is what it means to have talent and skills. How many Heaven’s Favorites have fallen under the God’s Trial? He really doesn’t want to live anymore does he?"
"It’s done… it’s done… This will be the downfall of Master Ling. Such talent is about to be stripped away by the God’s Trial. This is such a pity."
Everyone spoke their minds and did not hold back on expressing their worries for Ling Xian. None of them believed Ling Xian would be able to overcome this.
Ling Xian did not hear a word these people were saying. All his attention was set on the lightning before him. He did not dare to be reckless.
Hoooom, hooooom, hoooom!
The thunders continued to rumble as the bolts of lightning slithered like snakes in the sky. A terrifying amount of vigor hung between Heaven and Earth!
Ling Xian’s expression was rigid. Using all four transformative qualities of his Eyes of Execution, his choice of action stunned a countless amount of cultivators!
His desire for the battle was at an all-time high, wielding all four weapons, he has unleashed all their powers and destroyed all of the lightning bolts.
Despite his small victory, this was a God’s Trial after all. It represents a God’s anger, how could its trial be easy?
Though by design, the strength of it would not exceed the level of training the cultivator was in, but attacks still behave as if it’s in the undefeatable realm. In other words, the power of these bolts was in the undefeatable realm of the foundational stage!
To the Ling Xian today, this was a catastrophe.
After all, he hasn’t reached the extreme extent of this level. Therefore, though he destroyed many lightning bolts, he has grown tingling and numb.
Even the four divine weapons in his hands have gotten fragile. It appears that before long, they will be completely demolished by the thunder and lightning.
Hoooooom, bannnnnnnnnng, bannnnnnnnng!
The clouds of thunder and lightning continued to simmer. Another series of thundering rays fell through the sky, rocking the area and changing the atmosphere of the place!
"The last God’s Trial ended after three attacks. I wonder how many attacks this one will be," Ling Xian’s brows locked together. The Halberd and the Sword emitted an infinite amount of light in preparation for the God’s Trial!
The Halberd of the Divine Warrior was unbeatable at destroying aggression and the Sword of Extinction was the sharpest sword that existed. Supporting one another, they continued to destroy all the lightning and thunders!
However, as time went on, the strength of the bolts of lightning was increasing as well. After the second wave was destroyed by Ling Xian, the third wave appeared. This time, there weren’t 10 bolts of lightning.
Only one giant and thick lightning bolt appeared between the clouds and violently headed for Ling Xian!
Though there was only one bolt, the strength of it was stronger than all the bolts previously combined!
"I can’t defend against this one!"
Ling Xian’s face changed color and immediately made the judgment of just how powerful this golden lightning was. He dialed the Eyes of Execution’s strength to the extreme and immediately, all four divine weapons disappeared and was replaced by one reflective mirror.
The Burnished Mirror of Spirituality!
This was the pillar of energy he could rely on!
He understood the terror of the God’s Trial well. The four weapons derived from the Eyes of Executions were not enough for him to defend. If he hasn’t awakened the fifth transformative qualities from the Eyes of Execution, he wouldn’t have chosen to face the God’s Trial. He would’ve given up the Foundational Dan.
After all, as amazing as a perfect Dan was, it was not enough for him to throw away his life.
However, since he had the Burnished Mirror of Spirituality already, he was willing to take the risk.
Different from the first four transformative qualities, only starting with the fifth one does the true power the Eyes of Execution start to show. In other words, the power of the Burnished Mirror of Spirituality exceeds the previous four. Therefore, Ling Xian had the guts to confront the God’s Trial.
"Come at me. If you want to destroy the perfect Foundational Dan, you need to ask the mirror in my hand!"
Facing the ferocious golden lightning bolt, Ling Xian’s lips curved up as his white robe fluttered.
The Burnished Mirror of Spirituality dazzled and sparkled. Facing the terrible lightning bolt in front, it shot out a piercing Heavenly light!
The entire Island shook in shock and fell into chaos!
The Heavenly light that shot out of the mirror penetrated through hundreds of rivers and thousands of mountains!

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