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In the night sky, sheets after sheets of golden clouds emerged, dyeing the sky gold. Even the light from the Sun and the Moon paled in comparison.

An extremely dense medicinal fragrance swept by, making those who smelled it feel refreshed and comforted.

The Dan rose to the sky, and the aroma spread across miles!

A phenomenon caused by the perfect spiritual Dan!

Since the beginning of time, when a tenth ranked Dan is created, all sorts of phenomenon is displayed. The two strange activities before their noses were, without a doubt, a sign that a perfect medicinal Dan was being born.

The golden clouds hung in the sky as the aroma continued to fill the space, rattling everyone in the House of Zi Yang.

Whether it was the cultivators who were already resting or the cultivators who have yet to sleep, they all smelled this strangely dense fragrance. When those people came out of their homes, they were petrified by the strange scenery before them.

Statements full of astonishments began to rise all over the House.

"Oh my god… have I gone blind? Is this a legendary phenomenon?"

"You’re right. Clouds rising, fragrant air… Such strange behaviors can only be achieved by a perfect medicinal Dan!"

"Strange phenomenon! Unbelievable! Spiritual Dans that haven’t been seen for thousands of years are landing again?"

"Unbelievable, unbelievable! A perfect Dan that hasn’t been seen for thousands of years is appearing again. How heaven-defying!"

All generations of the House of Zi Yang were rattled. Everyone’s expression was in awe as they stared at the Dan in the sky that was enlarged to the size of the Sun.

Though the 36 islands have been separated from the continents for a long time and were rarely contact each other, culture and history was still shared between the two. These people naturally understood how difficult it was to brew a perfect spiritual Dan.

This was a perfect medicinal Dan they were talking about!

Dans of such ranks have gone extinct. Even grandmasters from the First Realm cannot brew such Dans!

But now, before them, they were personally witnessing the birth of such a Dan. How could they not feel shocked?

However, upon the initial conception of shock, another thought entered their brains.

Who was brewing this?

Someone with such capability lived in the House of Zi Yang?

Everyone’s emotions were boiling as they shared their two cents about who was responsible for brewing a perfect medicinal Dan.

"Who is the one behind this perfect Dan? There are a few alchemists here in the House of Zi Yang. Could it be that it’s the Sixth-Realm Alchemist, Master Lu?"

"I don’t think so. Even though Master Lu is the highest trained, he is old in age and has been lacking spiritual energy. I am rather certain that it’s Master Sun."

"Impossible. I have seen him brew. He’s never even made a Dan that’s higher than the seventh rank, how could he make one that belongs to the tenth?"

Guesses and debates sparkled in every corner of the House of Zi Yang. Everyone had their inputs as to who it was that made the tenth ranked Dan.

What they didn’t know, was that those highly looked upon Masters were participating in these guesses as well.

Even though these people weren’t low in realm, with the lowest in the Seventh Realm, with their capability, it was difficult even to make a fifth ranked Dan, let alone a tenth ranked one.

Therefore, when they saw the birth of a perfect Dan, they were shocked to their core. Glancing at one another, only they were aware of how bitter everyone felt inside.

A tenth ranked Dan was the dream of every alchemist.

Of course, not everyone can brew a perfect Dan. In this entire universe right now, Ling Xian was perhaps the only one. He worked his hardest to a create this Dan.

"Aye, I wonder which Master is visiting the House of Zi Yang. Such alchemy abilities make me bow in shame." The eldest alchemist, Master Lu, sighed. Looking at the enlarged golden Dan, he appeared hurt and jealous.

He has loved alchemy all his life, only after studying and researching it for over a century, did he achieve the feat he had today.

However, what was happening before him struck him hard. Not only him, but the others also felt like they were facing hardships. Their faces were full of shock and jealousy.

A tenth ranked Dan was far too astonishing. For any alchemists, they would be feeling low and jealous regards of who brewed this Dan.

"Such capable alchemy skills. I do not believe I can achieve it even if I work my hardest for the rest of my life." Another white-haired elder sighed.

"Hmmph, it has to be some First-Realm Alchemist. Who else would be able to make a tenth ranked Dan?" The younger alchemist, Master Sun, speculated. His eyes were full of envy and unwillingness to accept reality.

"That’s not possible. There isn’t a First Realm Grandmaster in all of the 36 Islands. Even if there were, they wouldn’t come to a House as small as the House of Zi Yang," Master Lu waved his hand in dejection.

Instantly, Master Sun’s face dropped. He was unhappy with Master Lu.

He, too, understood that it was impossible for a First Realm Alchemist to brew this here and now. The reason why he said it was because he wanted to a way out of this embarrassing situation. In other words, he was lying to himself.

It was impossible for him to accept the fact that an alchemist from the same realm would be able to make this Dan. However, if a First Realm Alchemist made it, then he would feel less troubled.

This was why he made that statement. He didn’t expect that Master Lu would chime in otherwise, making him lose face.

Just then, someone chuckled in the crowd. Though the volume of the voice was not loud, it had a thunderous effect as it passed through the entire Zi Yang House.

"What a bunch of brainless morons. Can’t you identify who brewed this based on the place that is currently the brightest?"

Everyone froze and shifted their eyes below where the golden Dan hung. Then, everyone gasped and went silent.

Everyone has recognized the mountain peak below the Dan. The situation was far too astonishing that they did not know what to say. Instead, they stared at the mountain peak, their faces written with disbelief.

After a long while, an unsure voice rung, breaking the silence.

"That seems to be Master Ling’s mountain peak."

The heated debates began again.

"Oh my goodness, could it be that this Dan was brewed by Master Ling?"

"How’s that possible? Though Master Ling is extraordinarily talented with great skills in ancient arrays, this… this is a tenth ranked Dan. Even those in the First Realm have difficulties brewing it, how could he?"

"Logically, for a young man who’s barely 20, it is impossible. However, Master Ling doesn’t really follow the rules."

"That’s right. Has anyone ever seen someone younger than 20 defeat the Demonic Fairy? Has anyone seen someone point out and humiliate Master Lin? Though it is hard to believe that Master Ling brewed this Dan, it is still a likely possibility!"

"Aye, to achieve such feat in cultivation, arrays, and alchemy! Master Ling really is someone extraordinary and unpredictable!"

Everyone’s shocked hearts has reached an extreme point!

Though they do not want to believe it. Before reality, they were forced to!

Ling Xian was just this insane. Ling Xian was just this heaven-defying!

To have achieved great success in cultivation, alchemy, and ancient arrays before the age of 20, how many can compare to him since the history of time?

"What a monster."

Under the night sky, Zi Dong Lai sighed, "I thought he was already a beast. I didn’t think he has been hiding his alchemy skills. I don’t even know what to say anymore."

At the same time, another long sigh filled with complex emotions was exhaled on another mountain peak.

"Aye, to have physical capabilities, ancient array knowledge, and now alchemy skills. Ling Xian, just how much more are you going to surprise us?"

Qin Yan Ge felt shocked, jealous, and… and admiration!

Yes, admiration!

Known as undefeatable and best of the generation, when has the Demonic Fairy ever admired anyone?

But today, Ling Xian’s heaven-defying moves has repressed this Heaven’s Favorite’s arrogance.

No… he has repressed everyone here!

What is there to do about it? He has broken something that hasn’t changed for thousands of years. To have brewed a perfect Dan, he was someone to be respected by everyone!

"A tenth ranked Dan has finally been brewed," Ling Xian lifted the corner of his lips, revealing a warm smile.

If anyone else has accomplished such heaven-defying goal, they would be jumping with joy. However, Ling Xian did not behave so. Though he was happy, he did not lose himself.

One was because he had a composed personality. Two was because such heaven-defying behavior in his eyes was nothing much. He was not all that satisfied.

His ambition was higher than the Heavens!

Not only did he want to brew a perfect Dan from the Eight Realm, but he also wanted to brew one from the Seventh, one from the Sixth, and one from the never before existed First Realm!

This was Ling Xian’s new goal after brewing the perfect Foundational Dan!

"Wow, my respected Master, you are such a beast. You made a perfect Dan!" Yun Meng’s bright face and her excitement made her at a loss for words.

"You are so handsome, Master. Changing something that hasn’t changed for thousands of years is something that will be recorded in history books!"

Yun Meng swung Ling Xian’s arms excitedly. "Oh my god, is this real life? Is this really real? If my Master made the perfect Dan, does it mean I will be able to too someday?"

Thinking that she may just brew the perfect Dan, Yun Meng was even more excited. She felt dizzy as she drowned in happiness.

Yun Yan was just the same. To have witnessed the birth of a perfect Dan has made her feel honored.

Not only was it her, everyone in the House of Zi Yang felt this honor.

However, just as everyone was celebrating, the golden clouds in the sky was starting to disperse and was beginning to be replaced by dark clouds.

Dark clouds that were about to drip with rain.

In the next moment, a thunder broke out in the night sky as lightning bolts brewed in the dark clouds. An eerie feeling of destruction was revealed.

The clouds of the Dan has risen!

The birth of a spiritual Dan that robs daylight!

This was an old saying regarding the perfect Dan!

Now that the perfect Dan has been born, daytime will be robbed!

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