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Chapter 241: Servant
The next morning.
At the bottom of the mountain peak where Ling Xian resides, a lady appeared.
A lady with absolute charm and dazzling beauty.
The lady was around the age of 20, she had a delicate visage and a curvy body. She wore a long white dress, and though she showed up here today without makeup, her beauty was still enough to overtake a nation.
She was the Demonic Fairy.
As someone who never breaks her promises and keeps her word, she came over to be Ling Xian’s servant in order to fulfill the bet she made with him.
At this very moment, the Sun was beginning to rise from the East, shedding down golden rays of light that emphasized the beauty of the mountain peak. This place looked like a place where only Immortals would live.
The way the Demonic Fairy stared at the little house built on top of the peak was pained and complex. It seemed like she really did not want to climb up there.
That was normal. She was a supernatural genius who rattled the entire 36 islands. Even if those from the original level were here, they would not dare to claim that they have the right to take her as a servant. However, since the bids have been placed, no matter how much she regrets it, she cannot disobey.
Clenching her teeth, the Demonic Fairy marched on and went up the mountain.
The way she walked on was almost like she was about to face great tragedy.
For a naturally arrogant person, becoming a servant of a man was the same as asking her to kill a part of herself.
"Ling Xian, just you wait. One day, I will personally end you." The Demonic Fairy didn’t jump up to the peak of the mountain right away. Instead, she walked up stair by stair.
Every step she took, she mumbled something to herself about how she needed to defeat Ling Xian.
After an hour, she finally arrived at the top of the mountain. She stopped before the door to his home. Raising her hand to knock many times, but she ended up putting her hand down each time.
It was obvious how hard she was fighting this internally.
Just as she continued to hesitate, the door to the home suddenly burst open, and laughter rolled out.
"Come on in, I have been waiting for you for a long time."
The Demonic Fairy gritted her teeth and walked in.
The home was large. In all four corners of the greeting, room hung four Pearl of Light that emitted soft and bright lights.
In the center of the room was a large mat. On top sat a handsome young man with a smile on his lips. He checked her out from top to bottom with his sparkling eyes.
"You’re pretty on time. I didn’t think you were coming." Ling Xian softly grinned.
The Demonic Fairy sneered, "I do what I say. I am not someone who can’t keep a promise."
"Good. I admire that." The corner of Ling Xian’s mouth lifted, he then indulged himself in a long stretch and said, "I have been sitting down for a long time. My shoulders feel tight. Come give me a massage."
Massage his shoulders?
The Demonic Fairy’s gaze turned cold. Never once has she heard that a cultivator’s shoulder would get exhausted after sitting for a while. It was obvious that he was provoking her.
"What? You don’t want to? It is something a servant must do though." Ling Xian teasingly laughed.
The Demonic Fairy’s chest rose and fell, but she could not say anything to argue. Gritting her teeth, she said, "Okay. You wanted a massage right? As long as you aren’t scared of broken bones, I have no problems with it."
Then, she walked up to him. Yin and Yang swirled inside her arms in preparation for Ling Xian’s massage.
Seeing this, Ling Xian couldn’t help it but shake his head, "To massage me using the Indestructible Physique of Yin and Yang is a treatment I don’t deserve to enjoy. Why don’t you go and make me a cup of tea instead."
Then, he waved around his sleeve, and seven to eight Petal

s of Enlightenment appeared.
"Petals of Enlightenment?"
The Demonic Fairy gasped in shock, she wasn’t expecting Ling Xian to be so rich that he made his tea with the Petal of Enlightenment.
"What are you so surprised about? Why don’t you make yourself a cup too." Ling Xian faintly smiled.
The Demonic Fairy nodded gently. The Petal of Enlightenment was rare and lavish. Ever since she began cultivating, she has only drank it once. Now that an opportunity was before her eyes, she was not going to reject.
After a while, the Demonic Fairy came out holding onto two cups of tea. Sitting before Ling Xian, she said, "Drink it."
"What kind of attitude is this? You were supposed to bring out the teacup with two hands and respectfully inform me that the tea is ready." Ling Xian smiled again, enjoying the feeling of teasing the Demonic Fairy.
She was a Heaven’s Favorite with skills that shocked the world. In the entire universe, who has ever enjoyed her service?
"Ling Xian, don’t push me too hard. When have I ever served anybody? To have poured you some tea was nice of me, don’t be so picky." The Demonic Fairy raised an eyebrow, her attitude threatening.
"You sure are the Demonic Fairy whose name is known worldwide. This kind of pressing attitude is just like a man’s." Ling Xian grinned and sipped on his tea. "However, you are now my servant while before you were yourself. You cannot defy my orders, have you forgotten?"
"Hmmph, don’t you dare try to provoke me with those words," the Demonic Fairy said nonchalantly, "You wanted me to massage your shoulders, did I not offer? You were the one who didn’t want it anymore. Also with the tea, was I not the one who made it?"
"Though you are right, your attitude isn’t an attitude a servant should have," Ling Xian taunted. Feeling too lazy to debate with her, he changed the subject, "Why don’t you tell me your name? I cannot just call you the Demonic Fairy all the time."
The Demonic Fairy froze. After a long pause, she whispered, "You needn’t know."
"Seems like you have some story to you," Ling Xian said. Pausing, he then continued, "If you don’t want to tell me, then I will name you myself."
Then, a series of the most common and hated names came out of Ling Xian’s lips.
"What about Xiao Cui?"
"No? How about Dong Mei?"
"Also no? Qiu Xiang? That one sounds good no?"
"Eh? How come you look so disgusted?"
The Demonic Fairy howled in anger and interrupted Ling Xian’s self-muttering. Uttering out of her teeth, she said, "Ling Xian, if you call me by any of those names, I will spend my life making you feel miserable."
"You don’t have any traits that a servant should have." Ling Xian shook his head, "Oh well. You don’t like me, what can I do about it? However, I won’t call you the Demonic Fairy. If you are serious about not telling me, then I will have to randomly assign you a name."
The Demonic Fairy gritted her teeth again. Her hands formed into fists and were ready to punch Ling Xian.
"We already discussed the conditions of the bet. You have to follow my orders without any objections. What, you want to eat back your words?" A chuckle escaped Ling Xian.
Immediately, the Demonic Fairy lost her willingness to argue and fell into a long silence.
Seeing this, Ling Xian did not continue speaking. Instead, he played around with the teacup in his hand and waited for her response.
After a long while, the Demonic Fairy sighed. "Whatever. Telling you is not a big deal. My name is Qin Yan Ge."
"Such a pretty name, why didn’t you want to tell me or anyone else?" Ling Xian frowned.
"That is no concern of yours. I don’t have an obligation to tell you everything," Qin Yan Ge said softly.
"There really is a story behind this."
Ling Xian understood then. Looking out into the window, he then mocked, "Yan Ge, it’s late. Why don’t you warm up my bed for me?"
Warm up his bed?
It’s late?
Qin Yan Ge was so angry she almost spat out blood. The sun had just rose, why did he say it was late?
What a bastard!
The Demonic Fairy swore in her mind.
"You agreed that you cannot defy me. Are you backing out of the bet?" Ling Xian played around with the teacup in his hand and looked at the Demonic Fairy in anticipation for her reaction.
"Ling Xian, you…"
Qin Yan Ge tightened her fists and gritted her teeth, she made a decision.
To use information in exchange for freedom.
After being Ling Xian’s servant for merely an hour, she already cannot bear herself behaving like this. However, she did not want to break the bet. Therefore, she had to ask for freedom by giving away information.
"Ling Xian, I will use information in exchange for freedom, what do you say?" The Demonic Fairy clenched her teeth.
Ling Xian paused. "Why don’t you tell me what it is first. If it’s valuable, then I can grant you freedom. But, since you are someone famous on the 36 Islands, mediocre information won’t get you anything."
"Don’t worry. I promise you that after hearing what I have to say, your heart will flutter," Qin Yan Ge had a smile on her face that seemed like she was sure she would win. She did not speak about the information directly but rather asked him a seemingly unrelated question.
"Do you know the true extent of the foundational level?"
"The true extent of the foundation level…" Ling Xian frowned, "I do know. The extent of the meditational level is reaching a Qi level of 10. For the foundational level… the true extent is to crystallize an Immortal bone."
"That’s right." Qin Yan Ge nodded with a heated gaze, "In the Taoism community, everyone knows that each level has a true extent. Typically, when the extreme is reached, it means that person is undefeatable in the level and can perform beyond its expectation."
"Just like Heaven’s Favorites with a Qi level of 10 is able to defeat all those in the foundational level." Ling Xian frowned, "Why are you telling me this? Based on my knowledge, something had happened to the defining laws of Heaven and Earth in ways that humans cannot comprehend. This means a level 10 Qi can be reached, but the true extent of the foundational level has become a myth. Based on what I know, nobody has reached this level."
"You are right. However…" Qin Yan Ge’s lips slightly parted, "I know at least two people who achieved the true extent of the foundational level."
Ling Xian’s brows tightly knitted together. All these years he has been pondering about when he can successfully reach the mythical realms in legends. However, no matter how hard he pondered, he could not figure out a way nor could he breakthrough.
But now, he’s heard that someone has gotten to the true extent of the foundational level, he was somewhat shocked.
Seeing Ling Xian’s shock, Qin Yan Ge’s lips curved up and revealed a smile. "The first and second ranked cultivator of the Hidden Dragon List."
"I see. For them to be placed before you on that list would make them Heaven’s Favorites with their own unique talents," Ling Xian suddenly realized, "however, the true extent of the foundational level is not that easy to achieve. Are you sure these people have done it?"
"Of course I am sure." Qin Yan Ge nodded. Watching the handsome youth, she said something that made Ling Xian’s gaze burn with flames.
"Do you want to know why those two were able to break through to the undefeatable realm of the foundational level?"

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