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Chapter 240: Curtains Closing
In the middle of the sky stood Ling Xian with his treasured mirror. He stood still, tall, and straight, like a newly descended Immortal with extraordinary temperament.
Gazes upon gazes were fixated on him. There was admiration, jealousy, and respect in their eyes. However, without doubt, their eyes were filled with an exceptional amount of astonishment.
No questions asked, the Demonic Fairy had lost.
Outright and cleanly, she had lost to Ling Xian.
The Tai Chi disc itself was already dominating. Being released by the Demonic Fairy made it even more unimaginably powerful.
Even the foundational cultivators here cannot defend against such attack. Despite this, the Eyes of the Disordered Yin and Yang was only sixth ranked. It was impossible for it to destroy the ranking system and to be the first of its kind to do so!
In this world, everyone wants to be heaven-defying, and everyone wants to break the iron laws.
However, not everyone could be heaven-defying. Since the perception of time, very little people could break the rules of the world, and every one of those who achieved so was a cultivator with shocking talent and astonishing skills.
Ling Xian, for example, defeated a completion leveled cultivator while still at the foundational level. That was an achievement that broke the rules!
The Demonic Fairy suppressed all those in her generation. Other than number one and two from the List of Hidden Dragons, she refused to lose to another Heaven’s Favorite from her generation!
Such a pity that she encountered Ling Xian.
If Ling Xian’s natural talent paled next to the Demonic Fairy’s, then maybe he would’ve been another gold medal added to her impressive battle history. Sadly, whether it’s cultivation skills or battling experience, or even the undefeatable mentality, Ling Xian did not lack next to her. Instead, he was far better at all of them than her!
For this reason, the only result that awaited the Demonic Fairy was defeat.
"Defeated, the Demonic Fairy was defeated!"
"Unbelievable! Known to be undefeatable, the Demonic Fairy that shook all 36 Islands lost!"
"There is no excuse this time. The legend of the Demonic Fairy being unable to lose has ended. She lost in the hands of Ling Xian!"
"The Eyes of Execution, how powerful. Master Ling, how powerful!"
"After today, the name Ling Xian will be made known and will act as a mountain that stops the youth from dreaming too big. This mountain is even harder to conquer than the Demonic Fairy!"
Everyone began their chatters with blunt words that expressed their shock.
"I lost…"
The Demonic Fairy muttered to herself, her beautiful eyes lost their color.
She was admired for her natural talent and known for her actual capability. Nicknamed to be undefeatable, her tale of being the unsurpassable was ended by Ling Xian. How could this not destroy her confidence?
However, she was a prominent Heaven’s Favorite on the 36 islands after all. Her mentality was tougher than regular cultivators. After a moment of silence, she immediately collected herself and regained the shine in her eyes.
"Ling Xian, I will remember today. One day, I will defeat you."
The Demonic Fairy tightened her fist as she watched Ling Xian’s silhouette with determination.
"Defeat me?"
Ling Xian’s ear quivered a little. After hearing the Demonic Fairy’s statement, he mischievously smiled. "The Demonic Fairy, I think you shouldn’t be worried about how to defeat me right now."
The Demonic Fairy raised an eyebrow and questioned, "What do you mean?"
"You should be worried about what you can do to be a good servant."
Ling Xian teased, "Don’t underestimate the art of being a servant. You have a lot to learn, such as how to brew me tea, help me change, how to provide me with service good enough so that I cannot pick on you. These are thing

s you must learn keenly and perfect through working. If you cannot please me, then nothing good will happen to you."
The Demonic Fairy’s brows almost turned vertical. Pointing at Ling Xian with her index finger, she couldn’t find the rights words to protest.
It was true that her biggest worry right now is how she should place down her arrogance and learn to be a servant. Because of the bet placed on this fight and the Array of the Purple Cloud, she had no reason to go against Ling Xian’s orders and had to do what was asked of her.
This made her livid but helpless.
"What is it? The Demonic Fairy wants to break a bet?" Ling Xian’s mouth curved up.
The Demonic Fairy coldly snickered, "I, the Demonic Fairy, even have bones that are arrogant. I keep my words, and I am not someone who does not keep my promises."
"Haha, as long as you respect the bet we made. I am looking for a servant anyways." Ling Xian laughed loudly. Checking out the Demonic Fairy’s sexy figure and alluring movements, he teased, "the prominent Demonic Fairy is becoming a servant of mine. I wonder how many people would be jealous if the news gets out."
"Ling Xian, don’t be too pleased. One day, I will personally squelch you and force you to be a slave of mine." The Demonic Fairy parted her lips. Though her face was as calm as the unmoving water, if one observed carefully, one could see that her cheeks have become flushed.
It was obvious that her emotions were highly complex right now.
Seventy percent anger, 30 percent embarrassed.
"Squelch me? Let’s put that aside for now." Ling Xian waved his hand with a grin, "You are now my slave. Why don’t you try calling me Master?"
The Demonic Fairy’s lifted a brow. Immediately enraged, her spiritual energy rose out of her like a wave.
"Give it up. You have lost, stop trying to threaten me." Ling Xian flapped his sleeve and dispersed her spiritual energy.
Seeing this, the Demonic Fairy hissed. Remembering the heavenly light that pierced through her Tai Chi disc, she asked, "That last move you made… it was the fifth quality of the Eyes of Execution?"
"That’s right. It was the fifth transformative quality, the Burnished Mirror of Spirituality." Ling Xian nodded.
He has gained a lot these past three years. Other than enhancing his cultivation to the peak of the foundational level, he has also awakened the fifth transformative quality of the Eyes of Execution.
The Burnished Mirror of Spirituality!
It was known to be able to emit an eternal heavenly light that was overbearing enough to pierce through any object in the world!
Different from the other four qualities, the Mirror was more like a treasure that can unleash a valiant amount of energy. This was proven by the fact that it just pierced the Tai Chi disc.
Such prowess outcompetes the other four transformative qualities.
Or, one could say that the fifth quality was a ridge that divides the undiscovered qualities from the current ones. Unlike the other four qualities, which all have similar and comparable amounts of power, this quality truly begins to show off the divine power of the Eyes of Execution!
After this, every quality will be stronger than the previous one!
"I.. really did not think that you have awakened the Eyes of Execution to this extent. Me losing to you was fair and square." The Demonic Fairy bitterly smiled. Very quickly, her face slowly revealed her determination as she said in a low voice, "Remember, with my current training, I cannot summon the ultimate technique of the Eyes of the Disorder of Yin and Yang. Therefore, today’s battle can only conclude that I lost to you, but you cannot make the claim that the Eyes of the Disorder of Yin and Yang lost to the Eyes of Execution."
Hearing this, Ling Xian couldn’t help it but to shake his head and chuckle. Though the Eyes of the Disorder of Yin and Yang have yet to display its ultimate technique, neither has the Eyes of Execution. There were still four transformative qualities that have yet to be revealed. Even after the nine qualities, more techniques were waiting to be discovered.
Therefore, the loss of the Eyes of the Disorder of Yin and Yang means that in the future, these eyes will be defeated by the Eyes of Execution as well.
However, he has defeated the Demonic Fairy and felt no need to sprinkle salt on her wound. He decided that he might as well give her some hope and motivation to work harder in the future.
Therefore, Ling Xian did not speak his mind.
"I look forward to that day."
After leaving behind a faint smile, he turned around to head home. One taunting sentence echoed throughout the air.
"Leave behind your arrogance and learn how to be a servant. Remember to come to my mountain peak tomorrow. If you fail to show up, you’ll have to deal with the consequences."

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