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To fly amongst the clouds and reach the peak of a mountain requires a long and hard journey.

Those in the Taoism community divided this journey into many levels.

Every single level has a true extent, nicknamed the undefeatable realm.

This means, when a cultivator reaches the undefeatable realm of a level, they are named king of the level and a hero who cannot be defeated by others of the same level.

For example, those in the undefeatable realm of the meditational level would have a Qi level of 10. This is usually achievable by all Heaven’s Favorites.

However, the undefeatable realm of the foundational level is so much harder to achieve. Even the devils born with unprecedented natural talent cannot reach that goal.

This was because the spiritual world of Heaven and Earth have been lacking in energy, and the journey every cultivator must take has been reshaping.

The God seems to be intentionally restricting the undefeatable realm of the foundational level. No matter how naturally talented a genius is, or how heaven-defying an unprecedented devil is, none have been able to break this lock and enter this realm.

Therefore, when the Demonic Fairy claimed that someone has reached the undefeatable realm of the foundational level, Ling Xian was beyond shocked and desperately wanted to find out how those two were able to unlock the lock and enter the realm.

"It appears that you are already interested in my information."

Seeing Ling Xian’s flushed cheeks, Qin Yan Ge disclosed a gentle smile, aware that she will soon be free again.

"I don’t believe any foundational cultivator in this world can overcome the temptation of reaching the undefeatable realm." Ling Xian faintly grinned.

The Demonic Fairy nodded, her beautiful eyes burning into him more than ever. "That’s right. As cultivators, there are two wishes we wish to achieve. One is to reach immortality, and the other is to become undefeatable. But to become as strong as one can be, one must reach the undefeatable realm. At the least, the meditational and the foundational undefeatable realm must be achieved."

"Agreed. These two levels are the foundation of cultivation. We can only establish sturdy foundations when we reach the undefeatable realm and only when we have those foundations can we go far in this journey," Ling Xian exclaimed. He was fully aware of the advantages of reaching the undefeatable realm. He knew this after his first time killing regular cultivators within seconds.

The importance of what it means to have a stern foundation.

"That’s right. If one wants to walk far, then they must establish a strong foundation," Qin Yan Ge parted her lips again and sighed, "To be honest, based on the fact that I awakened the Inner Eyes, it shouldn’t be hard to enter the undefeatable realm of the foundational level. Sadly, the Heaven and Earth have changed. Nowadays, it’s difficult for anyone to achieve such feat."

"Then how were the first and second ranked Hidden Dragons able to do so?" Ling Xian frowned.

Qin Yan Ge fixed her hair and giggled. "You are curious aren’t you? if you really want to know, then stop using our bet to restrict me."


Ling Xian smiled. He originally had no intention to enslave the Demonic Fairy anyways, he was simply feeling mischievous at the moment. Now that she was willing to trade such an important piece of information for her freedom, why would he not gladly accept?

"Good." Qin Yan Ge exhaled deeply in relief. The giant rock in her heart finally landed on the ground. Her entire body was feeling light.

"You can tell me now, right?" Ling Xian was impatient.

Qin Yan Ge gently nodded and suddenly felt playful, "Listen. Those two people were able to break through because they were granted a chance by the Heavens."

"No kidding. Without Heaven’s blessing, how could they reach the undefeatable realm?" Ling Xian didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry, knowing full well that it was Qin Yan Ge’s turn to mess with him as revenge.

"What’s the rush. I’m not done talking," Qin Yan Ge rolled her eyes at him, "I know what kind of things they received from the Heavens."

"The Demonic Fairy, stop messing around. Just speak," Ling Xian’s face was getting flushed. It was his dream to climb up to the peak and become undefeatable. It was of utmost importance that he learns how to reach the undefeatable realm of the foundational level.

Sensing his concern, Qin Yan Ge recollected herself and said in a serious tone, "The reason they were able to break through to the foundational level was because they consumed a rare spiritual medicine named the Yellow Fruit of Mystery."

"The Yellow Fruit of Mystery?"

Ling Xian frowned. This name sounded familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he of heard it exactly.

"That’s right. Very little people know about the effects of this fruit. I don't know either. But one thing is for sure. This medicine has the ability to help cultivators break through to the undefeatable realm." Qin Yan Ge’s expression was serious. When she talked about this fruit, her beautiful eyes were flaring.

"Where do I find this?" Ling Xian was blunt.

"You are lucky. I know just the place." Qin Yan Ge gawked at Ling Xian, not all that willing to share this secret with him.

"Speak. After sharing this information, you’ll be free." Ling Xian bared his teeth, silently praising himself for smartly making the bet a long time ago.

In the beginning, he just wanted to poke fun of the Demonic Fairy. He didn’t expect her to trade this secret for her own freedom. This information was of great importance to him.

"Hmm, I guess telling you is okay." The Demonic Fairy scorned, "The Palace of Fortune. Have you heard of it?"

"Never heard of it."

"Never heard of it?" Qin Yan Ge lifted an eyebrow, she didn’t think that Ling Xian would be oblivious regarding the famous Palace of Fortune.

"Is it strange that I don’t know? What kind of place is it?" Ling Xian felt confused.

"Whatever. It’s difficult to explain in a short period of time. Just know that there is the Yellow Fruit of Mystery inside," the Demonic Fairy waved her hand and continued, "According to records, the door to the Palace of Fortune will open in about two months."

"So this is another mythical Hidden Territory..." Ling Xian realized and immediately asked, "Where is it located?"

"Here, on Shi Ao Island." Qin Yan Ge mysteriously smiled.

Ling Xian froze, he had a good guess, "The exact location of it will be the Zi Yang House, right?"

"Smart," Qin Yan Ge complimented.

"I see. I was wondering why the prominent Demonic Fairy would become the Vice Supreme Headmaster of the Zi Yang House just like that. You had a cunning agenda after all." Ling Xian laughed.

"A cunning agenda? I never wanted to harm the Zi Yang House, I was just preparing," Qin Yan Ge stared Ling Xian down, unhappy with his choice of words.

"There really is no actual difference between being cunning and being prepared," Ling Xian smiled, "But I am curious. How did you know that the palace would appear in the Zi Yang House?"

"I have a way to calculate it. I can’t disclose any more than that," Qin Yan Ge murmured.

Ling Xian nodded and didn’t ask any more questions. He pondered the feasibility of the whole situation.

Based on the Demonic Fairy’s way of speaking, it wasn’t hard to guess that the Palace of Fortune was an extraordinary palace. Once activated, the Zi Yang House will use all its resources to raid the palace.

When that happens, it will be difficult to sneak out a Yellow Fruit of Mystery.

A rare spiritual medicine that can carry a foundational level cultivator to the undefeatable realm, how could the House of Zi Yang give that to an outsider?

Even though Ling Xian was the Honorable Guest who helped the House fix the Array of the Purple Clouds, he had no rights to get the Fruit.

To try and steal it through battling was also not an option.

Though Ling Xian had the capability to face Zi Dong Lai, he was not arrogant enough to think he would be able to defeat an entire House by himself.

He was troubled.

After a few moments of silence, he shifted his gaze to the Demonic Fairy, "The reason you told me this information isn’t just to trade for your freedom, am I right?"

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