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The Sun hung high in the sky, spilling warm rays of lights.

Despite this, everyone at the scene thought the sky was dark and lifeless. This was because the sunlight shed by the Sun was outshone by the two warriors.

It was helpless, Ling Xian and the Demonic Fairy were far too blinding, their abilities alone transcend the sunlight!

Ling Xian wore his gold armor and bore his set of wings. His left hand held onto the sword and his right hand gripped onto the halberd. His Immortal-like stance was peerless and graceful!

After summoning the Eyes of Execution, his spiritual energy elevated to its peak. Like a mountain that weighed as much as the sky, it made others feel desperate and hopeless.

"The Eyes of Execution…"

Though the Demonic Fairy’s expression was calm, her tightly clasped hands betrayed her stern exterior.

This entire time, she thought that on the 36 Islands, she was the only one who has awakened a pair of Inner Eyes that belonged to the top 10. But now, she saw another pair of the Inner Eyes. This pair was also the Eyes of Execution that were higher ranked than hers. This has filled her heart with uncertainty and astonishment.

When she was defeated by Ling Xian last time, she was not this surprised. Because at the time, she was wounded could not perform these techniques, and thus, this entire time she thought Ling Xian was no opponent of hers.

But at this moment, at this place, her confidence was falling exponentially. For the first time, she decided to treat this opponent as someone of her own level.

"The Demonic Fairy, you are not the only one who possesses a pair of the Inner Eyes. I, myself, have the Inner Eyes too." The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up as his golden armor emitted an infinite amount of light that accented his supernatural characteristics.

"No wonder."

The Demonic Fairy had a realization. "No wonder the first time I saw you, I had such an urge to battle you. It was due to the natural attraction between the two pairs of eyes."

"That’s right."

Ling Xian nodded, his gaze becoming more heated. "That Eyes of Disordered Yin and Yang of yours challenged my Eyes of Execution."

"Hmmph!" the Demonic Fairy sneered and said in dissatisfaction, "You are wrong. Your Eyes of Execution are the ones who challenged my Eyes of Disordered Yin and Yang."

Ling Xian began to laugh. "Demonic Fairy, have you ever seen a foundational cultivator challenge a meditational cultivator?"

"The Eyes of Execution is fourth ranked, that is unarguable. But this does not mean that it can outcompete the Disorder of Yin and Yang." The Demonic Fairy raised an eyebrow, not very pleased at Ling Xian’s comment.

Though she knew that Ling Xian’s comparison was not wrong, she did not want to accept it.

She was someone whose name alone shook the 36 islands and suppressed an entire generation. How could she feel fearful before the battle even happens?

No matter what the ranks are, nothing is for sure until the fight is fought!

"Based on what I’m hearing, you want to challenge the ranking system that hasn’t changed for thousands of years." Ling Xian stared at the Demonic Fairy tauntingly and smiled eerily, "Why bother? The ranking of the Inner Eyes has remained the same since the history of time. This system has passed the test of time, you should just follow me home and do your job as a servant."

"In your dreams!"

The Demonic Fairy growled at him, enraged. "Even though the Eyes of Execution is powerful, it’s not undefeatable. I have faith that the Disorder of Yin Yang can be a pioneer of its kind and disrupt the ranking system!"

"You will have to work harder then." Ling Xian softly grinned as his demeanor increasingly toughened.

"Less talk. Less bullsh*t. Start the actual battle."

As soon as those cold words were spoken, the Demonic Fairy became high-spirited. She was determined to represent women and not lose to boys. In her mind, she vowed to use the Disorder of Yin and Yang’s strength to break the ranking system of the Inner Eyes.

No doubt about it, this fight is an unprecedented godswar!

Astonishing enough to be recorded in history books!


The cycle of sunrise and moonset continued in her pupils, the Demonic Fairy’s eyes never stopped glistening. As she blinked, the world was falling into a disarray and turning upside down!

It was no wonder that the Disorder of Yin and Yang was sixth ranked, its prowess was undeniable. Creating a ferocious wind storm, the power of those eyes picked up all debris off the ground and smashed towards Ling Xian!

Faced with the attack from another pair of Inner Eyes, Ling Xian didn’t dare to be reckless. He defended with all four of the divine qualities of the Eyes of Execution. Emitting an infinite amount of heavenly light, he shielded himself from the windstorm and the Eyes’ terrifying strength.

However, the Demonic Fairy has not finished her move. She clasped her hands together and formed a seal.

Immediately, a giant Sun flew out of her left eye. Commanding and influential, it pushed towards Ling Xian!

"The Mighty Sun? One of the transformative qualities of the Disorder of Yin and Yang?"

Ling Xian’s face turned frigid. The Sword of Extinction howled and reflected light off its blade!

Simultaneously, the Halberd of the Divine Warrior swept across, taking control of the battle!


As heavy as a mill disc, the Sun that jumped out of the Demonic Fairy’s eye slammed down but was confronted with the Eyes of Execution’s double attack. Not only did the Sun fail to accomplish its mission, but it was also pierced through by the Sword of Extinction before being crushed by the Halberd of the Divine Warrior!

"It really is powerful."

The color of the Demonic Fairy’s complexion changed slightly, but she was not flustered and remained composed.

"It’s rude not to repay what I’m given, accept my attack!"

Ling Xian howled as his wings started to extend themselves. Shedding all their white feathers, they headed towards the Demonic Fairy.

"To choose to use the weakest technique of the Eyes of Execution, are you underestimating me?" The Demonic Fairy’s face turned cold. As the look in her eyes began to dull, the atmosphere dropped and turned frigid.

"Why don’t I show you what makes the Disorder of Yin and Yang so terrifying."

Just then, another mysterious and horrifying amount of energy filled the air.

Immediately, the ground began to shake as both the Heaven and the Earth fell into shock!

The sharp feathers shed from the pair of pure white wings suddenly changed directions and dashed towards Ling Xian, the summoner of this technique.

"The ability to reverse actions…" Ling Xian frowned. Swinging his Halberd of the Divine Warrior, all the feathers were destroyed before his eyes.

Then, his silhouette flashed and reappeared beside the Demonic Fairy in attempt to start a close ranged physical fight.

After that previous attack, he now understands the theory behind the Disorder of Yin and Yang. Just like what was written in books, the Disorder of Yin and Yang can truly turn anything inside out and upside down. This means, any attack that Ling Xian makes can be reversed and thrown back on him.

One has to admit that this kind of inhumane ability deserves to be the sixth rank!

For this reason, Ling Xian changed his tactic and decided that a physical and close proximity fight may be more advantageous.


Ling Xian raised his right arm as his Halberd exploded with an immeasurable amount of heavenly light that immediately engulfed the Demonic Fairy!

However, faced with Ling Xian’s aggressive attack, the Demonic Fairy revealed an eerie smile and whispered, "You really think that attacks made in close proximity cannot be reserved? How laughable. If the Disorder of Yin and Yang is that weak, then being sixth ranked would be a luxury."

The power of the Disorder of Yin and Yang was unleashed again!

Two waves of energies, one black and one white, swirled out of the Demonic Fairy’s eyes and clutched onto her body. Immediately, this duo colored light ate up the space around her.

At the same moment, her demeanor turned even more terrifying. Like the ocean, it became far too deep to comprehend.

"The Indestructible Physique of Yin and Yang!"

The Demonic Fairy shouted. With her left arm wrapped in black energy and his right in white, she smashed towards the Halberd of the Divine Warrior!


Another frightful bubble of energy erupted, creating a short earthquake!

"How overpowering of a physical body. Is this because of the support from Yin and Yang?" Ling Xian frowned, a tinging premonition that his Halberd cannot handle this attack rose in his chest. It became apparent how aggressive the Eyes of Disordered Yin and Yang were.

"Ling Xian, admit your fate as my servant!"

The Demonic Fairy laughed brightly. Her slender but strong arms turned into the color of gold as she lunged forward and punched on!

"I don’t like serving others. Why don’t you serve me instead." The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. Though he was fully aware that the Indestructible Physique of Yin and Yang was terrifying, he felt no fear.

His instinct for war was enough to swallow mountains and flood the ocean. Gripping onto the halberd tightly, he was determined to diminish all there is in the world!

Hoommmmm, hooommmm, hoooommm.

Ling Xian won three rebuttals in a row. His Halberd of the Divine Warrior slashed left and right, parting the clouds and chasing away debris.

The Demonic Fairy did not admit her disadvantage. With the support of Yin and Yang, her arms continued to swing forward daringly, cracking down the heavenly light coming from Ling Xian’s halberd and wrecking all objects in sight.

After all, the two of them were at the peak of the foundational level, and there was a very small gap in strength. Every single time their bodies came in contact, the land around them rattled, and the Sun lost its shine!


After an emotionless scream, Ling Xian’s stance became even more overwhelming. He intensified his attacks and his speed, and pushed forward with his halberd with the intention of cutting the galaxy into pieces!

How utterly unstoppable!

Just like Ling Xian, the Demonic Fairy also moved with a consuming amount of vigor. As Yin and Yang swam throughout her body, her slender physique toughened and strengthened. Just like a celestial being, her physical body became indestructible!

"Ling Xian, admit your defeat."

The Demonic Fairy swung her fist like it was a dragon’s tail!

"You’re dreaming!"

Ling Xian’s right hand quivered as his Halberd of the Divine Warrior shed an infinite amount of light, blocking the Demonic Fairy’s punch!

Then, the Sword of Execution swept across, revealing its killer instinct!

"Haha, whether or not you’re dreaming can be determined after you lose," the Demonic Fairy guffawed as she pushed away the Sword of Execution with her naked fist. Then, using her leg, she lashed at Ling Xian.

The Yin and Yang energy that she was bathing in shot up her leg. Instantly, the sky turned dark, the earth shed light, the wind blew, and clouds converged!

The strongest attack supported by the Indestructible Physique of Yin and Yang!

The most fatal attack!

"Demonic Fairy, even the Indestructible Physique of Yin and Yang cannot defeat me." Ling Xian softly grinned and simultaneously whipped out his Sword and Halberd in defense against her kick.

With his wings quivering, he readied himself for another small battle. However, in the next moment, he frowned, stopped his attack, and retreated.

This was because the grandeur of the Demonic Fairy has become even more petrifying; to a point where he was feeling a little palpitated!

"Ling Xian, that last move was only to test whether or not you have the right to fight against me." The jet black hair of the Demonic Fairy’s blew in the wind. Her temperament became frigidly profound and cold, enough to scare away all opponents.

Satisfaction climbed onto her face as she watched Ling Xian retreat. She then smiled, "The next move is the one that will bring you to your knees. It is also the move that I will use to break the Inner Eyes ranking."

"You sure sound cocky. Sadly, rank six will always be rank six, and can never surpass the Eyes of Execution." Ling Xian’s lips curled up, and his white robe began to flutter.

"If I say I can break the system then I will break the system."

The grin on the Demonic Fairy’s face was as bright and as confident as ever. Her shining eyes were gleaming with Yin and Yang, and after a few seconds, waves of energy escaped her eyes and materialized into a Sun and a Moon!

The Sun was white while the Moon was black.

Black and white, representing Yin and Yang.

Just then, the Moon and the Sun slowly converged into a large Tai Chi disk; threatening, overbearing, and hostile!


The symbolic disc of Tai Chi shot up through the cloud and thrust down onto Ling Xian!

Ling Xian brows furrowed slightly. But very quickly, he relaxed. If it weren’t for the three years he spent in isolation and in training, he wouldn’t have been able to defend against this attack. However, during the past three years, he has achieved the highest peak of the foundational level and has discovered the fifth transformative quality of the Eyes of Execution.

For this reason, he was not troubled.

Ling Xian’s eyes were dazzling. The four qualities of the Inner Eyes disappeared without a trace. What replaced them was a crystal clear spiritual mirror.

The Burnished Mirror of Spirituality!

The fifth transformative quality of the Eyes of Execution!

"I will be the one to show you why the Eyes of Execution is the fourth rank while the Eyes of the Disordered Yin and Yang belongs in the sixth rank."

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips lifted, the Burnished Mirror of Spirituality emitted a strong beam of light that was bright enough to compete with the Heavens and sharp enough to break mountains and split oceans! It shone confidently, illuminating all in sight, even the past.


The spiritual light shot out of the mirror with dashing speed and strength. To the Demonic Fairy’s and everyone else's shock, the beam of light pierced through the Tai Chi disc!

Immediately, silence penetrated the air and everyone’s high spirits withered.

At this moment, in this entire universe, a needle drop could be heard!

The Demonic Fairy had lost.

Utterly and completely defeated by Ling Xian.

The sixth rank will always be the sixth rank.

It will never alter the unchangeable rankings of the Inner Eyes!


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