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"Total Soaring of the Moon could not defeat you, I wonder if A World without Sight would do the trick?"

After dropping those words, the Demonic Fairy abruptly opened her previously squeeze-shut eyes.

Immediately, an infinite amount of light shot through the cloud, forcing both the Heaven and the Earth to become instantly silent!

Rays of Yin and Yang swirled, interlacing with one another. The Demonic Fairy’s left pupil dilated so largely it was as if it was the size of the Sun. Her right pupil turned transparent, almost as clear as the silver moon. She appeared aloof and lonely, cold and isolated to the extreme.

In the next second, her left pupil began to restrict, just like the sunset, it suddenly turned into the unsympathetic moon, and her right pupil was replaced by the heated Sun. The Sun then rose in her right eye as the moon descended in her left. The rising and setting of the Moon and Sun were mysterious and eerie.

A rainbow appeared in the sky, lotuses sprouted out of the Earth, all supernatural phenomenon began to occur one after another. The boundless amount of heavenly light engulfed the entire area, blinding and dazzling.

"Oh my goodness, is this a pair of the legendary Inner Eyes, the Eyes of Disordered Yin and Yang?"

"That’s right, it is the sixth ranked Inner Eyes!"

"Haha, finally she is showing this off! This is the best move she’s got! It’s the culprit behind her renowned ability to surpass those from her generation!"

"With the use of Inner Eyes, no matter how strong Ling Xian is, he is no opponent against the Demonic Fairy!"

"That’s right. The Disorder of Yin and Yang is undefeatable. On top of that, she already has natural abilities that are overpowering!"

Everyone at the scene began to exclaim and shout in excitement. Staring at the Immortal-like Demonic Fairy, their faces were full of admiration.

The Disorder of Yin and Yang!

Sixth Ranked!

As its name stated, this pair of eyes has the ability to throw Yin and Yang into disarray, meaning it could flip the world upside down and mess with the natural laws of the community. It is one of the strongest techniques in the world!

As everyone already knows, any pair of the Inner Eyes possess mysterious and magical strength and could only be awakened by those with majestic blood. Inner Eyes that belong to the top 10 ranks all have abilities that can bring tremendous change to the world, and neither spirits nor devils can understand it. Those without natural talents would never be able to awaken them!

Right before their noses, the Demonic Fairy has revealed her pair of Inner Eyes! This was enough to prove her innate gift with Taoism and her extraordinary potential!

"The Inner Eyes... This explains why the first time I saw her, I had such an uncontrollable urge to fight her," Ling Xian muttered to himself and checked out the Demonic Fairy. He then smiled. "The sixth ranked Eyes of the Disordered Yin and Yang. So you’ve played your ace."

"That’s right."

The Demonic Fairy faintly grinned as the Sun and the Moon continued to rise and set in her eyes. This celestial stare of hers accented her outrageous beauty and untouchable temperament.

"Ling Xian, I admit that you are strong. But before these eyes, only one result awaits," the Demonic Fairy pointed at her eyes and blurted out one word.



The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curved up as the heated desire for battle rose in his chest. "You are that certain that the Disorder of Yin and Yang can defeat me?"

"Of course. I don’t believe that you have any moves up your sleeve that can defend you against the power of my Inner Eyes," The Demonic Fairy spoke softly as her white robe began to flutter in the wind, exuding with sacredness.

"The Disorder of Yin and Yang is strong, but it may not be enough to defeat me," Ling Xian shook his head. Faced with the Disorder of Yin and Yang that massacred generations, Ling Xian was not afraid. Rather, his fighting desire heightened!

"Then let’s give it a try."

As she spoke those words, waves of spiritual energy rushed out of the Demonic Fairy with an exceeding amount of might!


Two purely white rays of light shot out of her eyes with the intention of destroying all those they touched!

"It is the legendary Disorder of Yin and Yang after all. Merely two rays of light have made me feel shaky." Ling Xian’s expression was rigid. Though he was the owner of the Eyes of Execution, he didn’t’ dare to be reckless against the Disorder of Yin and Yang.

Though based on pure ranking, the Eyes of Execution outcompetes the Disorder of Yin and Yang, this doesn’t mean his Inner Eyes will definitely win. Victory and defeat are dependent on the owners’ capabilities, battle experience, and the extent of their Inner Eyes’ awakening.

After all, those were the sixth ranked Inner Eyes!

Ling Xian’s eyes flickered and immediately, they transformed into the Eyes of Execution. Bands of murky spiritual air surrounded him before solidifying into the four divine weapons.

The Sword of Extinction!

The Winged Blitz!

The Armor of Royal Spirits!

The Halberd of the Divine Warrior!

The four transformative qualities were unleashed at once, portraying Ling Xian as a godly warrior who feared no one!

Then, staring directly at the opponent’s pressing gaze, he slashed with his halberd!


All the debris were picked off the ground as the Earth quaked!

Though the Godly rays of light were sharp, they could not block the Halberd of the Divine Warrior. With one hit, the light rays disappeared from the mortal world.

Instantly, silence filled the space.

Gazes upon gazes shifted to Ling Xian, drowning him with their disbelief.

"Oh my god. Is that… the legendary Eyes of Execution?"

"Sword, armor, halberd, wings… Four extraordinary weapons… Other than the Eyes of Execution, what other technique could achieve this result?"

"Unbelievable. The Eyes of Execution that has been sleeping for 120,000 years has been awakened again?"

"Oh my god… It’s the Eyes of Execution, the pair of Inner Eyes known to be able to destroy the universe. I really did not think that this person’s talent is so overpowering. He awakened the legendary Inner Eyes!"

"Unbelievable! Master Ling is also in possession of a pair of Inner Eyes. Not only that, the pair he has is higher ranked than the Disorder of Yin and Yang. This is far too heaven-defying to be true."

All the spectators began to exclaim out of loud, more astonished by Ling Xian than by the Disorder of Yin and Yang.

Remember that the Eyes of Execution hasn’t appeared in this world for over 120,000 years. Everyone was now seeing something that’s only been written in legends. How could they not be in awe?

After their initial feeling of shock, another thought entered their minds as their blood boiled inside them.

The history of the cultivation community has been long and messy. Even so, very rarely has there been battles between two pairs of Inner Eyes. At this moment, however, two high ranked Inner Eyes have gathered here today in anticipation of a great battle. How could this not make everyone’s blood boil?

One was the fourth ranked Eyes of Execution, known to be able to demolish the world if desired. After hibernating for 120,000 years, this pair of eyes has emerged once again in preparation to conquer the world!

The other was the sixth ranked Disorder of Yin and Yang, known for its ability to turn the world inside out and upside down!

The battle between these two is deemed to be brilliant and marvelous!

This is going to be a fight that will be forever written in history!

Every spectator at the scene felt their hearts beating out of their chests. Focused on the two figures in the sky, they were full of high expectations.

Even Zi Dong Lai felt the same way. Looking at the warrior-like Ling Xian exhaling a mouthful of murky air, Zi Dong Lai felt like he was about to vomit from anticipation.

The Demonic Fairy incited the 36 islands a long time ago, and almost everyone knows of the Disorder of Yin and Yang. Zi Dong Lai was no exception. Thus, when the Demonic Fairy used this technique, he was not at all surprised.

However, when Ling Xian revealed his Eyes of Execution, he was deeply shocked.

Under no circumstance did he think that Ling Xian was so monstrous!

It was the undefeatable Eyes of Execution!

Since the history of time, the Disorder of Yin and Yang has been awakened several times. However, the Eyes of Execution has only been seen twice. Perhaps this pair of Inner Eyes will not win against the Disorder of Yin and Yang. However, due to its rarity, many people were astounded by its existence today.

This also proves one thing.

Ling Xian’s natural talent is more profound than the Demonic Fairy's!

"What an unprecedented monster."

Zi Dong Lai sighed deeply. Staring at the tall and overwhelming silhouette in the sky, his eyes were full of anticipation.

"This is the real battle between a dragon and a tiger. I sure want to see, if the Disorder of Yin and Yang is going to acquire the advantage, or if the Eyes of Execution will obtain the upper hand."

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