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"The Demonic Fairy, I am late. Sorry I kept you waiting for this long."

A bright laughter rang through the air, attracting everyone’s attention.

A young man around the age of 20 slowly walked by. His brows were like swords, his lips red, teeth white, and with the pure white robe he wore, he exuded a feeling of tranquility.

Every step he took was like the Heaven and the Earth were merging. Such grandeur was out of the world and God-like.

It was Ling Xian.

He walked over in slow steps. Every step he took, the space shook, and an atmosphere that was increasingly more terrifying was created.

"Haha, I knew Master Ling would not disappoint me!"

"See! And you thought Ling Xian was too scared to fight! Such character, why would he ever run away due to fright?"

"You’re right. Master Ling looks and acts just like an Immortal. How dare you ordinary beings judge him?"

The group of people who believed in Ling Xian and knew he would show up began to call out on those who insulted Ling Xian. They stared at the figure before them.

There was admiration, respect, and jealousy in their eyes.

Ever since Ling Xian restored the Array of the Purple Clouds, many youths in the House of Zi Yang began to see him as their idols, and most of these youths were women.

When people assumed Ling Xian checked out of the fight due to fright, many wanted to argue on his behalf. But Ling Xian really was not there, so they had no evidence to argue with. Now that Ling Xian has arrived, these people began to fight back and release their anger.

Now, it was the Demonic Fairy supporters’ turn to stay silent. If Ling Xian didn’t show up, they would have a hundred different ways to argue and insult him. But now they can only stay silent.

"Hmmph, what a bunch of morons. Take a good look in the mirror before suspecting Master Ling."

"Exactly. Master Ling, we support you! You have to defeat the Demonic Fairy!"

"Yeah! Master Ling, after you defeat the Demonic Fairy, I will pursue you!"

"Go away! You? Pursuing him? Have you seen what you look like? Why would he ever like you? I will be the one to pursue him!"

Many female cultivators’ eyes began to sparkle as they stared at Ling Xian with heated gazes. They repressed their desire to run up there right now and hug him tightly.

Seeing this, Ling Xian bitterly smiled, jumped up into the sky and landed on top of the mountain peak.

"Finally, you came. I have been anticipating this for a while."

Facing the handsome young man, the Demonic Fairy’s expression was calm, but her beautiful eyes were full of fighting desires.

"I have anticipated this for a long time as well. I didn’t think there would be so many people watching though." Ling Xian grinned. His willingness to fight was just as high.

The corner of the Demonic Fairy’s mouth lifted. "Isn’t it good that many people are here? They are here to witness your defeat, just in case you won’t admit your loss."

"I should be the one saying that." Ling Xian softly chuckled.

The Demonic Fairy raised a brow and scorned, "Ling Xian, three months ago, I lost in your hands because I couldn’t use all my techniques to their full extent. Now that I have recovered, you will for sure lose."

"It’s good to be confident. Sadly, you are overestimating yourself." Ling Xian’s lips curled up as his robe began to float in the wind.

"Less talking then, let’s get started!"

The Demonic Fairy loudly shouted, her black hair danced in the wind crazily as a terrifying amount of spiritual energy engulfed the mountain peak.

"You read my mind."

Ling Xian’s lips curved up as he too summoned the spiritual energy in him. His Qi quickly shot up through the cloud!

The two waves of terrifying spiritual energy competed with one another but ended up in a frigid tie.

The atmosphere turned heavy.

Noticing the now obviously more overbearing vigor emitted by the Demonic Fairy, Ling Xian’s expression was rigid. "You sure have an overpowering amount of energy."

"You aren’t bad yourself. To be able to tie with me, you deserve my undivided attention." The Demonic Fairy raised an eyebrow. Fighting against the strongest opponent she has ever encountered in her life, she didn’t dare be uncareful.

"Then less talking and less testing. Show me your real capabilities." Ling Xian concealed a smile. Though he felt the increase in his opponent’s capability, he was not afraid. Instead, his instinct for a fight was growing more and more elated.

He had the undefeatable mentality and confidence that was higher than clouds. A strong opponent would only excite him, not cause him to fear.

"As you wish."

As soon as she finished speaking, she began her move. The first attack of the battle was the strongest guiding law!

The space began to quiver, and a round moon was born. Dashing across the sky, it drew a thin line that brightened the area around it. A terrifying amount of demeanor was unleashed!

Total Soaring of the Moon!

One of the strongest guiding law has been summoned, sending the clouds and the ocean water into the sky!

However, faced with this horrifying amount of prowess, Ling Xian was fearless. He snickered, "You are using the same move again. Since this move was already defeated by my Heaven Shadowing Palm, why use it again?"

"It’s true that I lost last time. But it may not be the case this time." the Demonic Fairy grinned.

Ling Xian shook his head, "The result will be the same."

"Less bullsh*t! You won’t know the result until you fight."

The Demonic Fairy tiptoed her way up the moon. Instantly, wind blew and all became barren!

Cold and pure like the snow, she stood there like the Goddess of the Moon. Now that she was standing on top of the moon, this nickname seemed even more fitting.

Total Soaring of the Moon.

Along with the moon, she sliced across the sky towards Ling Xian at a threatening speed!

"If that’s the case then I will make you lose again!" The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. The Heaven Shadowing Palm emerged and slammed towards the Demonic Fairy.

Destroying all that was in sight, it pushed forward!


A loud rumble rang in the sky, splitting rocks and scaring away the clouds. The entire planet seemed to be shaking!

This time, however, the full moon did not crack. An infinite amount of heavenly light expanded all around the Demonic Fairy and suppressed against the Palm.

"Hmm? I see, so you are using this move because it really is stronger than last time." Ling Xian frowned, a little surprised. But a little surprise was all there was. The Total Soaring of the Moon was not enough to awe him.

"Like I said, win or lose, the result of this duel is still unknown."

The Demonic Fairy’s expression was relaxed, but the atmosphere around her was getting more and more intense. The moonlight below her feet was exploding with light. It appeared soft, but in reality, it was aggressive; with the ability to pierce through all that was alive.


She screamed as a borderless amount of light expanded, revealing her high desire to kill!

"So what this move got a little stronger? I can defeat you again!" Ling Xian, like an angered bull, began his attack mercilessly. The Heaven Shadowing Palm pushed on, covering the light emitted by the moon.


The mountain peak shook and the space shivered. Though the moonlight was sharp, it couldn’t slice the giant palm.

After a moment of stalemate, the giant hand caused a thunderous growled and smashed towards the moon!

In the next moment, every inch of the moon began to crack. The Demonic Fairy raised an eyebrow and began to retreat.

"I told you, your Total Soaring of the Moon is no match to my Heaven Shadowing Palm," Ling Xian said with a faint smile. Watching the timeless beauty before him, he taunted, "Why don’t you just admit your defeat and come with me. Spending the rest of your life as a servant who brings me tea sounds rather nice, no?"

"You are being arrogant a little too early."

The Demonic Fairy sneered. She knew that the Total Soaring of the Moon alone was not enough to fight against Ling Xian. She had to use the strongest technique she knew sooner or later.

Therefore, she slowly closed her eyes and began to brew a heaven-shattering storm.

In the next second, the Demonic Fairy opened her eyes and a terrifying amount of spiritual energy rolled out of her!

Instantly, the moon and the sun lost their colors and the Heaven and the Earth began to cry.

The entire area was silenced!

The only sound that rung around the area was a confident statement coming from the Demonic Fairy.

"Total Soaring of the Moon could not defeat you, I wonder if A World without Sight would do the trick?"

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