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Published at 4th of February 2021 10:25:16 PM

Chapter 2308
Chapter 2308: Solid Acting Skills

She choked out bitterly, “Brother Yancheng, h-how could you… do that to me?! I’ve always treated you as my older brother! I-I shouldn’t have believed your words! I really shouldn’t have believed you no matter what you said last night! I should’ve just left you to your devices! Alas, I’m just too tender-hearted for my own good! I couldn’t bear to leave you behind at the bar when you were all wasted . You kept calling out a woman’s name, too . I was afraid that you might encounter danger, so I offered to send you home, b-but…”

More tears streamed down her face at the very mention of what transpired last night .

Even though Mu Yancheng was feeling frantically restless on the inside, he forced himself to keep his emotions in check and patiently listened to what the lady was saying .

While wiping her tears away, she intermittently recounted last night’s events to him, which allowed him to get a rough idea of what had occurred .

The man was in a grumpy mood after his meeting with Lin Xueya had ended on a bad note . He initially wanted to head down to Meng Qingxue’s apartment but decided against it at the thought of facing her sullen face, which would further dampen his already foul mood . Thus, he went to the bar instead and ordered himself several bottles of hard liquor to drown his sorrows .

He coincidentally met Song Enya, who was also hanging out at the bar, while he was there . Upon seeing that he was drinking all alone, she offered to keep him company for a drink or two .

At that time, he still held strands of his consciousness despite feeling slightly buzzed . Somehow, though, after a couple of drinks with the missy, he got completely drunk .

Being worried about his safety, she offered to take him home . However, he was so drunk by then that he kept calling out Meng Qingxue’s name and insisting on going to the latter’s place instead of heading home .

The bawling woman complained, “How could I possibly know her address when I had no idea who it was you’re clamoring for? Plus, you didn’t answer when I asked you for her address and just kept calling her name . I had no choice but to take you to a hotel and wait for you to sober up!”

She, thus, hailed a cab and brought him to a hotel .

On the way there, though, the man began groping her body and hugging her while calling another woman’s name . She bore with all his lecherous actions, thinking that she would leave straight after taking him to the room .

She had never expected that, the moment she opened the door to the hotel room, she would be carried by him and brought to the bedroom where she got thrown onto the bed . No matter how hard she struggled against him, he just refused to let her go and wildly took her virginity .

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He was shell-shocked by her recount .

What she said seemed to be about right, though…

No matter how unclear his memories were, he could vaguely remember a woman struggling nonstop beneath him while crying and pleading for mercy…

Things had become clear to him right then .

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Having mistakenly thought that the lady under him was Meng Qingxue, he boldly and recklessly claimed her several times until he was totally spent . Only then did he collapse on the bed and pass out from exhaustion .

At the thought of this, he glanced obliquely at the stained sheet, his eyelids twitching ominously .

Did I really do such an atrocious thing to her in a dumb move?

It was not the first time such a thing had happened to him to be honest .