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Published at 4th of February 2021 10:25:15 PM

Chapter 2309
Chapter 2309: Mu Yancheng, you b*st*rd!

He was a regular at pubs and nightclubs; in fact, besides those times that he was in a foul mood, the man would also scout such places for prey with his friends .

He had his fair share of one-night stands, but those women were usually easy to send away; he just needed to give them some money or bring them to go shopping for some branded jewelry or bags, and that would be the end of it .

It was different this time, however .

The lady he got entangled with was the eldest daughter of the Song family, her brother Song Yunxi and her father the capital’s mayor, Song Zhengguo . On top of all that, her mother had some ties to the Mu family .

He could not just simply send her away and, all the more, could not afford to offend her .

Worse still, she had lost her virginity to him!

It was her first time?!

So she was a virgin?!

That piece of news came as a bombshell to him and made his hair stand on end .

To think that he was under the impression that this rich missy was promiscuous! Things would be easier if it was not her first time having sex; at least, it would not be as tricky as this sticky situation they found themselves into!


Mu Yancheng suddenly had a massive headache .

All he could do was sit there and watch the young lady, who remained curled up in the corner, helplessly wail . It did not seem right for him to give her a word of consolation or ignore her entirely .

Amid his bewilderment, an urgent rapping sound at the door was heard .

“Enya?! Enya?!”

The man, who had quite a sharp hearing, turned his head sharply in the direction of the door upon hearing a woman’s urgent yet agitated call . “Enya, are you in there? Enya?”

Who’s that?

He frowned at the noise, only to hear the lady behind him crying more grievously while hugging her knees and burying her head lower in shame . “M-Mom… mom…”


Jiang Qimeng?!

How did she find her way here?!

No way… Did Song Enya call her mother?!

This won’t go down well…

Mu Yancheng broke out in a cold sweat at the thought of what might happen next .

Meanwhile, outside the apartment, Jiang Qimeng got increasingly worried when she did not hear any response from her daughter . She kicked hard at the door, yelling, “Enya, open the door if you’re in there!”

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“Your mom’s here!” he hissed through gritted teeth .

The lady made no response and merely continued crying .

He let out a sigh at that . Being the one at fault for committing such a foolish mistake, he decided to face the music and bravely admit his wrong . He could not possibly evade the issue and shirk responsibility, could he?

The man suddenly got to his feet and covered Song Enya with a blanket before putting on some clothes and answering the door .

The moment the door was opened, Jiang Qimeng hurriedly barged into the room with an entourage of servants and bodyguards in tow . She was greeted by a pale-faced Mu Yancheng, who stood at the doorway with his clothes looking all crumpled .

“You… Yancheng?”

“Hello… auntie . Ha ha…” He flashed her an awkward smile in greeting .

“What are you doing here?”

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The smile on her face faded immediately when she noticed his disheveled appearance . “You—”

Right at that moment, her daughter’s sobbing was heard coming from the bedroom .

Her lips gave a furious twitch before she hastily ventured deeper into the room in search of the bedroom .

He slumped against the door tiredly, rubbing his temples in a bid to ease his headache . Sure enough, an agitated shriek was heard moments later .

“Mu Yancheng, you b*st*rd!”

The older woman’s eyes turned bloodshot with rage at the sight of her daughter’s sorry state .