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Published at 4th of February 2021 10:25:18 PM

Chapter 2307

“Liar… Brother Yancheng is a big, fat liar!” His reassurance did nothing to calm her down and, instead, had the opposite effect . The woman wailed even louder as she started hurling accusations at him .

He was entirely baffled by this perplexing situation; the harder she cried, the more confused he became .

Nevertheless, right at that moment, he spotted a red stain, which was partially hidden under the blankets, at the center of the messy bed when he bowed his head .

The sight of it stunned him for several seconds before he lifted the covers and, much to his horror, discovered splotches of blood on the bed sheet . His eyes widened in shock at the thought of a chilling possibility as he stared at the missy while pointing at the blood-stained sheet . “I-Is this… your… . ”

The young missy did not give him a straight answer and merely responded with more crying .

Her distressed yet aggrieved countenance, however, confirmed his suspicion!

What the hell?!

He was no naïve teenager and had had his fair share of virgins, so he of course would not mistakenly assume this bloodstain to be from her period! It would be truly laughable should he not realize what exactly had happened between them here by now!

He looked down at himself .

All he had on was a shirt and a pair of socks . With the lower part of his body being stark naked, there was no need for him to wonder about the events that had transpired anymore .

Every time he tried to recall his memory of last night, his headache would worsen . As such, he could not get a clear idea on what had happened the night before .

At this moment, though, he was getting a rough idea of what might have gone down between them . He lifted his head all of a sudden and looked at the young missy with a tongue-tied expression . “You…”

Her tears fell more furiously than ever . When she noticed that the man had realized what had happened between them, a mortified expression surfaced on her face, and she let out a few trembling whimpers behind her hands .

“Don’t cry anymore, alright?!” Even though he felt like his head was going to split anytime now, he did not stop pacifying her . “Calm down and cease your tears . Tell me: What happened last night?”

“Brother Yancheng… how could you do such a thing to me?!” The aggrieved lady spoke with much difficulty while crying away .

The man was shocked to hear that .

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“W-What should I do now?!” She wept into her hands in misery . “I… That’s my first time!”


His mind instantly drew a blank as he furrowed his brows and looked at the woman helplessly . Inwardly, though, he was consumed with worries and was practically sitting on pins and needles .

“You… Don’t cry already, alright? I was a jerk . I had too much to drink last night and… unconsciously committed a monstrous act against you… Believe me, though… It wasn’t intentional!”

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Song Enya’s ashen face suddenly lifted, her watery eyes staring blankly at him . Her lips were quivering as she repeated, “U-Unintentional?”

“Yeah… I was probably so drunk that I couldn’t distinguish who was beside me… I’m a b*st*rd for doing that to you… but I didn’t mean to…” he explained with great difficulty .

“What have I done so wrong for you to do that to me? How could you commit such a vile act against me? What should I do now? I…”

At the mention of her sore spot, her body trembled even more and her tears came gushing down .

He hastily asked, “You’re a good girl, Enya! Please stop crying for now and tell me what happened last night! I should at least have a rough knowledge of the overall situation!”