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Published at 1st of February 2021 03:50:09 PM

Chapter 2301: 2301
Chapter 2301: Give Up for Good (4)

She smirked at the thought . After recomposing herself, she strode into the bedroom .

It was quite a scene inside the room where the pair in bed was fully indulging in each other’s body . It was carnal yet absurd .

The two were so engrossed in their coitus that they remained oblivious to the third person in the room .

Song Enya stood at the doorway and watched them quietly . Soon, she felt disgusted at what she was seeing .

Turning around, the missy was about to step away when she heard a buzzing from behind .

The woman on the bed looked up and started to search for the source of disturbance when she noticed the missy standing at the door .

She was so startled that a yelp almost escaped her ruddy lips, but the missy quickly put a finger to her mouth, signaling her to keep mum . She understood the gesture and looked down .

Song Enya scanned the floor with her eyes and realized that the ringing was coming from a phone inside a suit pocket .

She walked over without further ado and took the phone from the pocket . The name ‘Qingxue’ was being shown on the phone’s screen .

Is his woman calling him?

Gripping the phone in her hand, she glanced over at the bed before turning to leave the room .

Inside the apartment, Meng Qingxue was sitting on the sofa inside the living room with the phone in her hand . Her fingers wrought tightly over the phone as it rang for a long time without anyone picking up . The call was finally cut .

What happened? Why didn’t he answer my call?

It’s late now . Has he gone to bed already?

Dazed and disappointed, she put the phone on the sofa and glanced at the luggage next to her feet .

She had packed to leave this place for good . Other than a few essential items, like clothes and identification documents, she did not take anything else with her .

She cleaned the place, packing everything nicely to be returned to him, be those the expensive clothes, pricey jewelry, precious gems, or branded car . All she took with her were some everyday clothes and a bit of money from his bank account .

She did not take a lot of cash with her, but it should be sufficient to rent a one-room apartment in a town for a while . It could last her one to two years if she would be thrifty enough . Now that she was pregnant, she did not know if she could find a job to support herself . Hence, as a precaution, she had to put aside her pride and withdraw some money from his account .

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She had made up her mind to leave this city, but why was there a sense of regret and loving sentiments after looking at this apartment one last time?

He was her first!

This call was the last hope she held for the man .

All she looked for was just a statement from him… Heck, even a word would suffice—stay—and she would willingly remain in this apartment for his eventual return, no matter how long it took!

However, what she got was the unanswered ringing of the phone’s dial tone instead of his voice .

The woman did not want to call it quits yet . Picking up the phone in her hand once more, she hesitated . She did not know whether the man would scold or humiliate her, but she would accept it either way; all she wanted was to hear his voice one last time .

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Am I greedy to ask for this small favor?

Meng Qingxue fidgeted with the phone nervously . Using her trembling fingers, she located his number in her phonebook and tried to muster up the courage to press call .

After a long mental battle, she had finally plucked up her courage and was about to make another call when the screen flashed with his name . He had returned her call!

Her face lit up . She quickly answered the call and took the phone to her ear, but before she could say anything, an unfamiliar female voice, cold and distant, drifted into her ear .