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Published at 1st of February 2021 02:25:09 AM

Chapter 2300: 2300

“N-Nothing much!”

“Keep your eyes on the road!”

“Yes, missy!”

The chauffeur dared not to be nosy anymore and the car soon reached the hotel .

Song Enya opened the car door immediately . Before she got down, she instructed the driver, “Keep an eye on him!”


The missy looked over her shoulder and at the man behind her . She told him with a smile, “Brother Yancheng, I’ll be back soon . ”

“Don’t leave…”


She slammed the door shut on his face without another word .

Five minutes later, a woman returned, except that she was not the missy herself but someone else who looked very much like her . This lady had the same body shape as Song Enya and wore the same red outfit and exquisite makeup as her . From afar, the imposter looked just like her .

After opening the car door, the woman leaned over and whispered seductively to the man, “Brother Yancheng, let’s go home . ”


Mu Yancheng was still muttering his lover’s name as he leaned on the woman and stumbled unsteadily into the hotel . They passed through the grand lobby and a long corridor before entering the elevator .

The woman pushed the suite door open and helped him into the hotel room . When they inched close to the bedroom, Mu Yancheng moved to take the lead . Grabbing her shoulders, he flipped the woman around then pinned her under him on the bed .

The woman’s breathing started to get hot and heavy, just like his . As he fixed his gaze on the lovely lady lying below him, all he could see was Meng Qingxue’s charming face .

This drug could lead to hallucination, and the one he was missing the most was his woman .


He mumbled brashly and suddenly leaned over to kiss the soft, ruddy lips, viciously tugging her shoulder strap apart at the same time!

There was almost no foreplay as the uninhibited man went all out to possess the lady lying beneath him on the king-size bed .

“Qingxue… Qingxue…”

In his rhythmic debauchery, he mumbled this name over and over again, seemingly going crazy over her .

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The woman, of course, responded in kind .

Song Enya walked into the suite and waited in the living room; from there, she could hear the man’s heavy panting and the woman’s coyish moaning overlapping .

Ultimately, the man did what the drug compelled him to, but it would be inconvenient for the missy to join him herself due to her pregnancy . Luckily for her, he was too groggy to tell whom he was having sex with!

After he fell asleep from the exhausting activity, she would go in and take the place of the stand-in . When Mu Yancheng woke up the next morning, he would see her and, surely, be led to think that she was the one whom he had copulated with last night!

The woman smiled amorously at this juncture . This was when she turned around and unexpectedly caught a view of herself in the mirror . Her wan and forlorn face only made her feel sorry for herself!

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She looked absolutely pitiful, sad and remorseful!

How did I end up like this?

Must I cheapen myself for the sake of status?

She touched her face with a trembling hand and pursed her lips as a glint flashed across her eyes!

What’s the point of thinking so much now?!

The plan has already reached this point for me to back out; I’ll bite the bullet and carry it through!

Yun Shishi and Mu Yazhe, I’ll have my revenge!