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Published at 2nd of February 2021 12:15:06 AM

Chapter 2302: 2302
Chapter 2302: Give Up for Good (5)

An unfamiliar female voice, cold and distant, was heard from the other end of the line .

“Who are you?”

The woman’s voice was haughty and interrogative, with a tinge of condescension .

Meng Qingxue was completely taken aback!

Hearing no reply from the caller, Song Enya got more impatient and frigid . “Why aren’t you talking? Who are you looking for?”

The phone slipped from Meng Qingxue’s hand and dropped onto the ground with a loud thud . Fat drops of tears started rolling down her cheeks as she despondently muffled the sobs attempting to escape from her trembling lips .

It’s late at night… Why is his phone with another woman?

Did he stop coming to my place because he’d had a change of heart?

What is this?!

I’m not his wife or even his official girlfriend in the first place; I’m just a canary reared by him . How can I call it a change of heart when I’m not even given status by him?

Is there a real relationship between us at all? Now, this stranger has returned my call as his ‘official’ woman and is questioning my identity . How ironic!

Is my name not registered in his phonebook?!

This possibility was a great blow to her . She came to see that her deep affection for the man had not been reciprocated all along!

Her single-minded love for him felt so pathetic and ludicrous all of a sudden!

Song Enya listened to the faint, sorrowful whimpers as she held the phone in her hand .

Of course, she knew the name of the woman whom she was returning the call right now .

She could see the woman’s name in Mu Yancheng’s phone .

Just moments ago, she had flipped through the messages in his phone and gotten an inkling of who the woman was to the man .

It looked like this woman was one of his many kept lovers .

No wonder the man was muttering his lover’s name when he was holding her inside the car earlier .

Actually, she was not interested in any of his kept women at first, but then, the thought that this man would become her future husband prompted her to take action . Their eventual marriage might not be one of true love, but there were some matters she had to take into her hands!

The fact that he had been calling out his lover’s name constantly after he was drugged meant that this woman weighed a lot in his heart . Hence, she had to put the woman in her place!

“Are you still there? Say something!” she barked coldly on the phone .

Trembling, Meng Qingxue picked up the phone and asked cautiously, “I’m looking for Yancheng!”

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“Oh, so you’re looking for Brother Yancheng…” She sniggered . “Why are you looking for him?”


Meng Qingxue did not know what to say and bit her lower lip . It really cut through her heart to hear another woman addressing him on such an intimate level .

“He’s with me now, but he’s tired and has fallen asleep!”

She was rooted to the spot as her eyes opened wide in disbelief .

“Don’t call him again in the future!” ordered Song Enya frigidly, then hung up the call .

…He’s asleep?

He’s with her? Who is she to him? Is she his woman… or one of his many?

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Still, it disturbed her greatly to hear the other woman addressing him in such an intimate manner .

D*mn it!

I must be mad to make this call!

Covering her face with her hands, Meng Qingxue could not control her misery any longer and started weeping out loud .

Every word that came from Song Enya’s mouth had cut her heart deeply like a sharp knife, causing it to be in excruciating pain!

Woo woo woo…

My heart is in terrible pain!

Gradually, her soft sobbing turned into a loud, heart-wrenching wail!

Oh, how indignant she felt!

She was remorsefully indignant, alright!