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Published at 31st of January 2021 02:25:08 PM

Chapter 2298: 2298

“You have such a sweet, little mouth, Enya!”

His sudden assault drew a sharp intake of breath out of surprise from her . She appeared to be a bit flustered and lost as she tried to push him away .

“Brother Yancheng, d-don’t do this…”

“You’re looking really beautiful tonight, Enya…”

While smiling obsessively at her, Mu Yancheng grasped and fondled the lady’s bosoms lovingly with his hands, his eyes fluttering shut involuntarily in full appreciation of her skin’s smooth and delicate texture . He was hungry for more skin-to-skin contact, which was evident when he tilted his body closer toward her .

By now, the drug had completely taken root inside of him, its potency fully unleashed in his system . The young missy realized this fact when she felt the searing body temperature of the man beside her, and she could not help but hesitate a little before she eventually asked coaxingly, “You’re drunk; shall I send you home?”

“I’m not going home!” He hugged her impatiently, murmuring in his inebriated state, “I want you… I only want you…”

As Song Enya tried to fend off the man, she thought to herself, This drug sure is potent .

It was not the common type of roofie that was easy to find on the market, and it could cause one to develop fuzzy hallucinations . She had no idea where or how her mother had managed to get her hands on it, but when she passed the drug to her, she repeatedly warned her that it would take effect fast . Should one drink the drug-infused alcohol, its efficacy would be fully unleashed in a matter of minutes .

True enough, the drug effects showed up faster and stronger than she imagined .

His body twisted and wriggled about as he planted kisses wildly on her face while constantly mumbling, “I’m sweltering…”

I’m sweltering!

He was already feeling slightly warm after drinking a lot of liquor earlier, but at this moment, his body was practically on fire . He simply could not withstand the strong potency of the drug .

As he leaned back against the couch, he could not resist tugging at his necktie repeatedly . He seemed to hold the thought that he could gain some relief by breaking away from the restraints of his necktie!

The young lady instantly felt liberated and nervously sat herself straighter the moment he pulled away from her .

How is this b*st*rd’s grip so strong?!

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She cursed and swore away in her heart as she looked down and surveyed herself .

The straps of her neatly-ironed long dress had fallen off her shoulders, while the skirt area was all wrinkled from his ministrations . His aggressive movements earlier had even nearly ripped her dress at its slits .

Uneasiness settled in her as she glanced sideways at the man beside her, who had sat himself upright at some point in time . His countenance was dark as he shot her a fierce look with glowing eyes .

“Why are you here?!”

Confused by his abrupt question, she chuckled at him blankly with huge eyes . “Brother Yancheng, what do you mean by that?”

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Her soft, docile cry of his name made his sharp gaze softened .

His body swayed a bit as he shook his head, but when he opened his eyes again, they were filled with gentle affection .

In his hazy vision, a somewhat flustered and helpless Meng Qingxue was sitting right in front of him, just like the time they first met . She was dressed in a beautiful, red dress, and her face was painted in exquisite makeup, which made her look charming and glamorous .