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Published at 1st of February 2021 12:00:08 AM

Chapter 2299: 2299
Chapter 2299: Give Up for Good (2)

She was just like the way she looked when he first met her . With her shy-looking eyes and flickering eyelashes, she was as lovely as a flower in bloom .

Mu Yancheng smiled dazedly and muttered through his thin lips, “Q-Qingxue…”

As he mumbled that name, he dove forward and used all his strength to pull Song Enya into his arms .

“Qingxue, don’t leave me… alright?”

The missy was lost .  What is this man muttering about in his groggy state? It looks like he’s completely lost it .

Smiling gently, she urged, “Brother Yancheng, let me send you back, alright?”

“Eh… good… I-I’ll follow you home…”

The corner of her lips twitched momentarily . She inhaled deeply before adjusting her posture, in case the man accidentally hurt the baby in her womb .

Since she returned home, she was made to stay inside the house by her father and not permitted to go anywhere .

She had wanted to abort the child at first, but there was a night where she dreamed that she had given birth to an adorable baby . The child was fair and tender with porcelain skin . Lying in her arms, the child was learning to articulate for the first time, “M-Mommy… mo-mommy…”

After that dream, she sat on the bed with her head leaning against the headboard . She looked troubled as she caressed her tummy, which had yet to show signs of pregnancy . Somehow, the dream seemed to arouse her maternal instinct .

That’s right . This is my flesh and blood, too!

How could she think of murdering this little life as a mother?

No matter how bad the situation might be, she must keep the baby . This was, after all, her flesh and blood!

Since then, she no longer threw away the meals that the servants served her . Instead, she ate well to ensure that she got all the nutrition needed to deliver a safe and healthy baby .

“Can someone come over?”

A bodyguard, sans expression, appeared . “Missy, what can I do for you?”

“Is the car ready?”

“Yes, the car is ready and waiting outside the entrance . ”

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The young woman acknowledged it with a nod then cast a look on Mu Yancheng . “Help him into the car and be careful . ”


She would be unable to carry the man alone with his heavy and clumsy body . Luckily, she had the foresight to get a bodyguard with her on this business .

After the guard helped the man into the car . Song Enya got into the backseat as well .

The vehicle sped toward a hotel .

Mu Yancheng had lost his rationale by then . Clinging onto her shoulder, he was like a hungry wolf as he kissed her ravishingly all over while his hands were busy instinctively exploring her body .

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This potent drug could even make a horny girl out of a chaste woman, so what more of an already lascivious man!

She was irritated by his harassment and pushed him away by the shoulders with a frown . “Brother Yancheng, don’t—can you hold off a while more? We’re reaching home soon . ”

As the man was being pushed away, transparent lines of saliva hung between their lips . The backseat was beginning to get coyish and steamy .

The chauffeur could hear the heavy panting coming from behind and sneaked a peek through the rearview mirror, only to catch the missy glaring angrily at him .

“What are you looking at?!”

“N-Nothing much!” The driver quickly turned his head to concentrate on the road ahead . As he fixed his gaze in front of him, he could feel beads of cold sweat rolling down his spine .