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Published at 31st of January 2021 02:30:06 AM

Chapter 2297: 2297

He closed his eyes and lightly massaged his temples while trying his hardest to curb his desires to explore her body further and dispel all unwarranted thoughts of lust that popped into his head . Alas, the more he tried to suppress them, the more uncontrollable they got .

Without warning, an electrifying sensation shot through him from his lower abdomen, and it made him shudder and clench his fists tightly in a bid to forcibly maintain some distance between him and the lassie .

Song Enya lifted a quizzical brow as she handed him another glass of alcohol and asked, “Here you go, Brother Yancheng! Are you still down for another drink?”

“Nah, I’m calling it quits!”

Mu Yancheng was apparently not in his best state, for he waved his hand in refusal . His inner beast would be unleashed if he continued to drink!

From a certain aspect, men were not as good as women in maintaining self-control and were very easily influenced by their lust and desires . It was why he waved his hand in refusal repeatedly, emphasizing, “I’m gonna get drunk at this rate!”

“Knowing how good you can hold your liquor, I guess you aren’t in the best condition today!”

She did not force him against his wishes and placed the wine glass aside before moving to snuggle lightly against the man in a flirtatious, charming yet shy and reserved manner . While her action appeared to be unintentional, it tantalized the man further .

She turned her head toward him and, upon noticing his flushed face and protruding veins, knew that the aphrodisiac was about to take effect . He had emptied the whole glass of drugged alcohol earlier, after all .

Slowly, under the influence of the aphrodisiac, Mu Yancheng started to feel so hot and stuffy that he could hardly breathe . He unconsciously put a hand on his necktie and tugged at it before loosening a button of his shirt collar to cool himself off a bit . It did little to help, though, for he still felt stifled and short of breath .

Am I feeling tipsy already?

I think I’m getting sloshed, but that shouldn’t happen…

My head usually only starts spinning after drinking at least two bottles of liquor .

He shook his head hard in an attempt to clear his foggy mind, but his eyes turned all bloodshot when he opened them again!

“Enya…” He was completely in a delirious state by then . His lips parted as he mumbled unintelligibly, “I-I think… I’m feeling somewhat tipsy!”

“Did you have one drink too many tonight?” The young missy gently placed a hand on his shoulder . “Is there something troubling you? I noticed you drinking alone in this corner earlier . I heard that one gets drunk faster when they’re drowning out their sorrows! Tell me: What’s bothering you?”

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“Ha… ha!” He let out a bitter laugh before confiding in her . “I-I was looked down on by a wretch today! E-Enya… say; am I… really… not as good as that chap?”

“That chap?” She had no idea whom he was referring to . “Who?”

“Mu Yazhe!” he spat through gritted teeth .

It was the name that made him feel choked and stifled .

Song Enya stiffened a bit upon hearing that name . A chilling look fell over her face before she flashed the man a fawning smile . “How’s that possible? How are you inferior to him?”

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“You really think so?”

“Yes! That’s why don’t go undervaluing yourself ever again . I think you’re an outstanding man, especially in terms of…” She placed a finger on his thin lips, then made it glide down his chin, neck, and finally at the spot above his heart, where she lightly poked . “Brother Yancheng, you taking a fancy to a woman is a blessing and an honor to her . ”

“Ha…” Upon hearing those pleasing words, he could no longer contain his sexual excitement and pulled the woman straight into his embrace without any warning . “What a sweet-talker!”