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Published at 29th of January 2021 10:35:20 PM

Chapter 2292
Chapter 2292: Shocking Theory

Mu Yancheng nearly lost it due to feeling utterly humiliated, but he managed to stop himself and give a calm response . “I heard that during your university days, you stayed overseas for a few years . It seems that your mindset has changed to be like those Caucasians . This is my first time encountering such a shocking theory . ”

However, Lin Xueya retorted, “To put it bluntly, I can marry and give you the status you need, but you can forget about everything else . ”

Mu Yancheng glared at her in anger as he clenched his fists, his knuckles turning white .

This d*mn Lin Xueya!

It was their first meeting, yet she was already humiliating him so much!

“Is this condition hard for you to accept?”

It seemed that she was trying to agitate him as her words became increasingly incisive . “Mu Yancheng, this is the wish of our seniors, but if you want to touch me, it is more than just about whether I’m willing to let you or not . What is crucial is if…” She sized him up nonchalantly before spitting words from her red lips in disdain . “You . Are . Worthy!”

“Lin Xueya!”

Mu Yancheng, who had finally been pushed to the limits, stood up and pointed at her in furious accusation . “You’re too much! Do you think you are royalty? You may appear educated and well-balanced, but I’ve never seen a more frivolous woman than you . ”

“Then, don’t marry me . ” Lin Xueya shrugged her shoulders innocently before she continued in a playful tone . “It’s not like I’m forcing myself on you . ”


“I’m just being candid here . If you’re willing, then we can get engaged, but if you aren’t, then please see yourself out . ”

“Who do you think you are? Did you think I have to marry you and no one else? Don’t be so full of yourself!” rambled Mu Yancheng sarcastically .

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“I’m the third miss of the wealthy Lin family . With just this halo, it is enough for me to be full of myself!”

Lin Xueya paused for a moment, her red lips curling into a smile, before taking out a cigarette box all of a sudden to smoke . Her every action made her seem like a girl who had abandoned all restraint .

She took out a lighter and lit her cigarette with familiarity before she elegantly took a drag and blew it out, revealing her pure white teeth . Although her smile was charming, it seemed to be intentionally provocative .

“If it were Mu Yazhe who came today, I might be willing to stick to him, but you’re inferior to him no matter how I look at you . If we talk about capability, you’re not his equal; if we talk about talent, it’s even harder to compare you two . Though looks are just looks, you are still far behind him even in that aspect . Mu Yancheng, who do you think you are? Asking me not to be full of myself, but what about you? Don’t be putting feathers in your cap, either! You can stop putting on an act now; it only makes you look hypocritical . He he!”

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Her words ferociously sparked his brain, blowing it wide open!

Comparing him to Mu Yazhe was the biggest humiliation to him!

When he was very young, he had always been compared to his cousin .

During his juvenile years, he revered and worshiped the latter . Kids naturally adored powerful figures like the heroes they saw on TV . To him, his cousin was like a legendary figure who was in sight but out of reach .

However, such comparisons had gradually kindled rebellious thoughts on him over time!