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Chapter 2291: 2291


Mu Yancheng’s expression did not change even a bit, though he was sneering inwardly .

This Lin Xueya!

For her to say such universally shocking words, she was more interesting than he thought .

Initially, when he heard the first half of her speech, he thought that she was a generous woman to let him have other women outside, but after hearing what she had said after, which was a warning to him not to interfere if she kept other men, it was a blatant declaration that she would make a cuckold out of him .

He thought that she was willing to meet him because she sincerely wanted to get to know him as well . Instead, it was obvious that she was trying to disgust him .

Not over the top?

Was cheating on him not over the top?

He could tell that she did not like him .

One could even say that she loathed him .

Both of them, especially Lin Xueya, had rebellious personalities .

Therefore, was she trying to use such revolting words to make him back off?

Did she think that just, because of what she said, he would let things go and retreat?!

Dream on!

Mu Yancheng thrived with ambition . At the same time, he knew very well what he wanted!

Seeing him enduring his anger while pretending to be magnanimous, Lin Xueya could not help but laugh . “Did you think that it is natural and right for you to have affairs outside, while it is low and filthy if I do the same? I don’t like such double standards . ”

However, he smiled in return . “Why do you assume that I won’t know my place and still fool around after getting married?”

“I’m just learning from the mistakes of my predecessors . ” She smiled .

The man was taken aback . “What do you mean?”

“Since I’ve seen many similar marriages in the past, I decided to harbor the same intentions,” she explained .

Let alone others, even her parents had the same type of marriage .

Her father was not clean, keeping many young and beautiful women by his side, and two of them were still students from prestigious universities .

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As for her mother, she was not content as well . She seemed educated and well-balanced, but she was unwilling to remain lonely .

Growing up in such an environment, she did not hold much expectations regarding marriage .

It was not like she did not fantasize about being with one person all her life until they grew old, but it seemed that such an idealistic marriage was as unachievable as fairy tales .

Moreover, if her husband was not Hua Jin, it did not matter who else it would be .

Life was bitter and short .

In a loveless marriage, it was not considered fooling around if she did that .

Why should she take a marriage that was only in name so seriously?

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Lin Xueya thought for a moment before continuing . “Plus, don’t you have many women right now? Isn’t one of them called Meng Qingxue? You have yet to break off ties with her, right?”

The corners of Mu Yancheng’s lips twitched harshly at that .

It seemed that this woman had come prepared .

She may seem calm and collected on the surface, but she had actually already gotten inside information about him beforehand .

“She is just a woman I can do with or without . Before we get married, I will cut off ties with her properly . After our marriage, you will be the only woman for me,” he stated coldly .

“He he! Stop joking around . Once this marriage is completed, it is just in name . Even if you stick to me, I won’t depend on you . After all, there isn’t anyone who can force me to share a bed with a man I dislike or even hate . ”

Her blunt and piercing tone laid everything out in the open, leaving no room for discussion .