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Chapter 2293: 2293
Chapter 2293: Too naïve for my own good!

What right did everyone have to compare him to Mu Yazhe?!

How was he inferior to his cousin in any way?!

Therefore, this had become his reverse scale that could not be touched!

Those words were undoubtedly the biggest humiliation to him!

A man’s ego was terrifyingly strong, especially for someone like Mu Yancheng, so he could not bear such humiliation .

He revealed his furious expression and kicked the coffee table away, causing the tea from the cups on the table to splatter everywhere .

Lin Xueya took a smoke without batting an eyelid and ignored his tantrum as a result of fury stemming from his humiliation . She merely leaned against the couch, her demeanor remaining elegant and disciplined .

Alas, her behavior only set him off further!

Mu Yancheng stood tall, then suddenly eked out a smile, one that was wolfish under the dim lights!

He walked over to her slowly . Bending down and lowering his head, he spoke in a condescending tone . “Lady, you probably don’t know what kind of person I am!”

Lin Xueya raised her head to look at the man, seemingly unmoved, only to hear him speak anew . “I’m an unscrupulous man; I won’t relent until I get what I want! Did you think that by humiliating me, you could make me retreat so easily? Lin Xueya, you’re still too soft!”

“Ha . ” She sneered . “I’m just stating facts . If you don’t care, it isn’t bad marrying you, either . At least, I can live my days freely, no longer being controlled by anyone else!”

The muscles in Mu Yancheng’s face twitched harshly . He snorted coldly before tossing a greeting . “It was great meeting you!”

With that, he turned around and walked off without looking back .

He secretly thought of the day when he would tame this woman, who did not know any better, into one that was obedient and docile!

The door was shut with a slam .

Lin Xueya could no longer take it .

With a swing of her hand, she flung the cigarette to the floor, its spark scalding the carpet . She was so unbearably angry that she crushed the cigarette under her high heel .

As she stomped on it harshly, she held a hand over her mouth in pain as she coughed violently for a while . How would she know how to smoke?!

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Everything had just been an act; that was all!

It was all so she could put up a front in front of that man as if she were abandoning all restraints .

She sure was foolish to think that by acting so frivolously, she would be able to scare him off!

Wanting to put on an earnest show, she bought a packet of cigarettes and seriously taught herself to smoke . In front of that man, her acting had been on point, but the moment he left, she instantly relaxed, causing herself to choke on a mouthful of smoke .

Throwing away the cigarette, she supported herself by holding the couch’s armrest as she coughed violently . Amid her coughing, she gave a dismal smile .

“He he! He he…”

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Lin Xueya rubbed the corners of her eyes as she spoke in a tone filled with frigid irony and scorching satire . “They are all just scumbags!

“He he he… ”

With her scattered self-mockery, she began to cry from laughter .

Finally ceasing her coughing, she shut her eyes but her tears would not stop from falling on her cheeks!

The moment she shed away all pretenses, she thought of how she would have hated herself if she had been him!

She thought that she had humiliated the man fiercely, but in the end, was she not the one who had been humiliated the most?!

Lin Xueya endured the pain as she stood up from the couch and grabbed her handbag . She then walked to the exit with lofty steps .

I’m just too naïve for my own good!