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Published at 28th of January 2021 11:35:13 PM

Chapter 2290: 2290
Chapter 2290: Negotiation

Mu Yancheng’s heart sank .

“Although this is our first meeting, there’s no need for all this mumbo-jumbo . We don’t have to put on an act for anyone, either,” Lin Xueya said indifferently .

With that, she bypassed him arrogantly and walked toward the couch .

Her neglect turned the courteous smile on his face into something rigid . He retrieved his hand uneasily .

It was said that the missy of the Lin family had a first-lady temper and was peevish . Having personally met her now, it seemed that she was indeed hard to tame .

However, her response instigated his primitive desire for conquest .

He smiled and sat down on the couch opposite of her .

Facing the cold woman, Mu Yancheng exchanged conventional greetings with full zest . Despite flaunting his charm and wits, an icy look remained on Lin Xueya’s face, which was nonchalant and expressionless .

He began to feel frustrated .

This woman was harder to deal with than he had ever imagined .

She did not respond at all, causing the situation to plunge into an even more awkward atmosphere . Although he was filled with enthusiasm, he did not know how to continue the conversation as she refused to speak to him!

He furrowed his eyebrows unconsciously . As a relationship hunter, even he felt helpless with the still and frozen atmosphere .

The lady smiled all of a sudden .

“Mu Yancheng, are you really taking this meeting seriously? I thought you’re just accomplishing this half-heartedly like I do!”

“How could that be?!”

Although the man was secretly unhappy, he maintained a polite smile on his face . “Miss Xueya, I value this meeting a lot . After all, this is the beginning of us dating . I still sincerely hope that we can have a favorable start . ”

“Oh, you sure are patient,” responded Lin Xueya in a lukewarm manner, “but I’m not surprised . After all, to achieve the position as the head of the family, it’s especially crucial for you to pick a powerful marriage partner . ”

He was taken aback .

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“Isn’t it true? To put it bluntly, this marriage is based on the selfish motives of both our families . Your second uncle planned this marriage in hopes of helping you clinch the position as the family head . Unfortunately, you are from a branch family—a rather disappointing, petty, and low one at that . To be the family head, you must gain more bargaining chips!” mocked the missy .

Her bluntness inevitably made him look bad .

Mu Yancheng was made furious by her humiliating words and barely managed to rein in his anger . Unexpectedly, after a while, he smiled .

“Miss Lin sure is quick with her words . ”

His posture instantly relaxed, too lazy to keep pretending . “What about you? Since you’ve known the reason behind this intentional meeting, why did you still show up?”

“That’s because I have no say on my marriage affairs, so why should I bother about it?”

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Lin Xueya paused for a moment before smiling icily . “If I agree to marry you, though, there’s something I hope that you won’t mind . ”


“After being married, I won’t probe about your personal life, but you shouldn’t intrude in mine, either . You can fool around with other women, and I won’t complain, but at the same time, you’re not allowed to meddle if I get another man on the side . How about it?”

Mu Yancheng’s face darkened in an instant .

“Are you negotiating with me right now?”

“One must have capital before a negotiation . ”

Lin Xueya smiled coldly . “Marrying me will definitely give you benefits . Likewise, talking terms with it as my leverage isn’t over the top . ”