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Published at 28th of January 2021 11:35:23 PM

Chapter 2289

“If you said so! Don’t you go back on your words!”

“Hmph . Of course!”

Just as the couple was having a whale of a time at the Maldives, it was finally time for the Songs to transfer that piece of land in Xin Cheng to the man .

Inside the municipal building, Jiang Shen and Lu Jinyu were given the responsibility to oversee the completion of this transaction .

Song Zhengguo did not appear in person as well because of his poor health and had asked someone else to represent him .

The contract-signing ceremony was completed within an hour .

Shengyu successfully acquired the right to develop that piece of valuable land at a price of several millions, while Song Zhengguo could only beat his chest regarding the loss .

That piece of land could easily fetch him billions if not for this hiccup .

The few millions that Shengyu had paid were only peanuts .

It was not surprising for the mayor to claim absenteeism due to poor health . He was so upset with losing the plot of land that he might just faint from watching it be signed away with his two eyes!

Meanwhile, the Mus got wind of the news but did not know that Mu Yazhe was the one behind the grand transaction .

Immediately after the festivity, the Mu Group was ready to announce the departure of Mu Yazhe to the world .

The office was a warzone . Mu Linfeng, especially, had been busy with the affair even during the new year holiday .

This was the first time the entire Mu Group had to work overtime, without holiday leave, on the Chinese New Year .

Grumbles and complaints were rampant throughout the company .

At the same time, the Mus received an affirmation from the Lins . Both families were finally able to arrange their young folks to meet during the festive period .

Mu Linfeng immediately went ahead to make the necessary arrangement the moment he received a reply from the Lin counterpart .

His nephew was especially nervous as he listened to his uncle’s repeated reminder about the importance of this meeting .

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Of course, the young chap promised that he would not let this golden opportunity go to waste .

On the Lins’ side, Lin Boxiong had finally straightened out his daughter’s thoughts .

Apparently, the missy had finally accepted the real score between Hua Jin and her . It might be because she was disappointed in the man, so on top of her father’s ultimatum, she had come around to the idea of meeting Mu Yancheng after locking herself in her room for a day .

To her, it did not matter whom she ended up marrying if she could not have the actor .

Zombified, she agreed to her father’s arrangements, which delighted him to no end .

At night on this important date, Mu Yancheng purposely dressed for the occasion and arrived early at the rendezvous place, which was a hotel under the Mu Group .

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The missy had emphasized that she wanted the two of them to meet alone .

As such, Mu Linfeng did not attend this meetup . While her father could not fully trust her on this, he was afraid that it would incite her rebellious streak if he insisted on going . In the end, he gave up the intention, too .

In any case, the two youngsters might feel more at ease without the seniors around them . Who knew? They might just be satisfied with each other!

At 7 PM, Lin Xueya arrived at the location as arranged .

As she pushed open the door to the VIP lounge, she saw the young man sitting on the sofa, looking smart in his suit . When he saw her walking in, he immediately stood up with a beam on his face . Standing in front of her, he gave her an elegant bow and stretched out his hand to welcome her .

“Miss Lin, how are you? I’m Mu Yancheng . This is our first meeting; I apologize in advance if our welcome isn’t up to your expectation!”

The woman glanced coldly at him before she shifted her eyes on his outstretched hand, commenting impassively with a face void of expression, “I think there’s no need to shake hands, is there?”