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Chapter 2288: 2288

Other than that, Mu Sheng had transferred Yun Shan Shi Yi to his mother a long time ago, so this particular asset was now under his name . Mu Linfeng could do nothing about it, of course .

The man had long foreseen the retaliating moves his uncle might make, so he had transferred many company assets under his name in preparation .

Right now, he might seem to lose everything by walking out of the Mu family . but in reality, that was nowhere near the truth .

In fact, his uncle was stomping angrily to himself . Many assets of the Mus left with the young man when he walked out .

In any case, with the matrimony home readily available, the rest of his plans would fall in place more easily .

“How do we prepare for the wedding?” The woman was at a loss, actually . This was her first time preparing for a wedding, so she naturally had no idea how to prepare for one .

The man exclaimed wryly, “Little fool, there are many things to get ready for a wedding, such as the gown which has to be tailor-made, venue decoration, and other stuff, but before all that, we’ll need to take our wedding photos!”

“Oh… Wedding photos?” The mere mention of wedding photography got the woman looking delightfully excited .

The man tittered . “Why? What do you have in mind about our wedding photoshoot?”

Sipping her lips, Yun Shishi squinted her eyes happily . “Yes, I do have some ideas; he he!”

“Where do you want to go for our photoshoot?”

“You should’ve told me earlier that we’re coming to the Maldives; we could’ve done our photoshoot here!” cried the woman petulantly .

“There are many destinations to take wedding photos besides this country . ”

“Such as?”

“Paris . I heard that it’s a romantic destination for lovers . ”

“I knew you’d suggest Paris . ”

“We can visit the Palace of Fontainebleau . It’s one of the biggest palaces in France; we can take our pictures there!”


The man saw his woman contemplating and asked, “Or what do you have in mind?”

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“I used to dream of taking my wedding shoot in Prague . It’s very romantic . There’s a sense of mysterious loneliness in its Romanesque and Gothic Baroque architecture, as well as the many medieval buildings . ”

“We can go there . ”

The woman said suddenly, “Actually… anywhere is fine as long as we find a nice photographer . If we have an excellent photographer to take our wedding photos, anything will turn out pretty!”

“You don’t have to worry about that . I’ve already booked a photographer; we just need to let him know the location . ”

Mark Smith, a world-renowned top photographer .

He was also that photographer engaged by various monarchies and royal families .

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He took the wedding photos of the prince and princess of the Morokko royal family .

The Mus also got him to take their family portrait .

The woman did not know the master photographer her husband had engaged, or else she would be very shocked .

His fee was said to calculate by the hour . For their wedding photoshoot, he quoted a rate of ten thousand US dollars per hour, and that was a negotiated rate after Mu Yazhe had bargained with him, though she would be delighted to know that her husband had learned the art of bargaining .

The man continued with a smile . “No worries . You can take your time to think where you want to have our wedding photoshoot . After all, we’ll only do this once in our lifetime . Your wishes take precedence . ”

“Ha ha ha! If you let me do whatever I want, then you might as well declare bankruptcy by the time we finish with our photoshoot!”

“Well, you can try to see if I’m that easy to bankrupt!” The man laughed .