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Chapter 2287: 2287
Chapter 2287: Let us get married!

Despite his words, she still could not help but feel concerned . “Still… we have so much time left together . We can go on a vacation any time we want . We don’t necessarily have to do it now and at such a pressing time . How can I enjoy myself in peace if I am hindering your progress?”

The man burst into laughter .

This was probably the most adorable and infuriating trait of this woman!

She was constantly considering his needs .

Perhaps it was because she had been leading such a hard life for too long, so this woman had always been more hardworking and extra thrifty . A luxurious trip would be viewed as an extravagance and a waste by her .

In actuality, though?

These were things she did not need to worry about!

“You don’t have to worry about the expenses for this trip! As for those matters you’re concerned with, we were indeed having issues with our funds before, but now, everything is under my control . I’ve long factored in the fact that my leaving from the Mu family would bring about a series of predicaments, so I’ve made arrangements for everything ahead of time!”

Song Enya was one of those important countermeasures .

Song Zhengguo had finally agreed to allocate that piece of land in Xin Cheng to him . In two days time, they would be signing the contract .

With that piece of land and with how the fifteenth day of the first lunar month had just passed, on top of having a new round of financing, their funds should recover in no time .

It had probably never crossed Yun Shishi’s mind that her husband had already planned out even his work affairs for the distant future, so it was inevitable that she would be so hesitant right now .

She kissed him and rebuked, “I’m just worried!”

He smiled at her . “I know, but since we are here, let’s just enjoy everything without reservations . It’ll be a waste of effort to worry about such stuff . Why don’t we put our minds into enjoying this vacation, instead?”

“Alright, I understand . ”

Mu Yazhe hugged her all of a sudden . “Oh, that’s right . There’s still one more thing . ”

She looked at him curiously . “What is it?”

He planted a gentle peck on her soft, pinkish lips . “Shishi, let’s get married!”

‘Shishi, let’s get married!’

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Her eyes widened at the sudden surprise, and she asked in disbelief, “M-Married?”

In her imagination, they were still far from getting married officially .

He did promise her that they would plan their wedding ceremony soon, but she thought that they were not in a rush to make preparations for it since many things had happened at this time .

However, while she was not in a rush, the man was feeling pressed .

He could not wait to see his beloved woman in a wedding dress and how she would look in front of him .

Therefore, he pushed ahead with the agenda, which should originally be far in the future .

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“Yup! When I’m done being busy, we’ll immediately begin our wedding preparations . ”

“Isn’t it… a bit too rushed?” asked the woman in apprehension .

“I once promised to give you a wedding ceremony that will garner worldwide attention . I’ll definitely fulfill that promise! Still, since we’re going to make it an impressive one, we should begin preparations early, or else we will be flustered later on . ”

The man paused for a moment before continuing . “You don’t have to think about our bridal chamber . That villa on Yun Shan Shi Yi will be our bridal chamber . ”

Speaking of which, Mu Linfeng originally wanted to reclaim the assets in Xiangti Walk following Mu Yazhe’s departure from the family .

Those were assets under the Mus’ name, after all . Since his nephew had left their family, he could be considered an outsider to them .

However, Youyou, who had already anticipated this, secretly bought Xiangti Walk way earlier .