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Chapter 2286: 2286

The trio arrived on the island .

On the other side, Yun Shishi and Mu Yazhe settled themselves in their lodging . Originally, when they had just started staying here, she was still worried about her children . It was unavoidable to feel worried since they were at an unfamiliar place .

Although they had chased away the three enormous light bulbs and were now finally able to spend time with each other, she still felt a little empty!

She was probably still a bit unused to the romantic couple’s world that they had now .

However, the war in her heart was fleeting . Although those two boys were quite mischievous, she felt assured knowing that her twin brother was with them .

The lodging they had booked was a water house .

As the name implied, it meant that this place was surrounded by water .

The luxurious lodging Mu Yazhe had booked was seven stars . The room was no less than three hundred square feet, fully furnished with a living room, garden, balcony, and more .

What left most people stumped about it was that, when the balcony door was pushed open, one would see a long wooden hallway . At the end of it, there was a staircase that led straight to the seawater . It was an absolutely soothing feeling to sit on the staircase, with legs dipped into the sea as one bathed under the sun .

This would be a perfect island vacation!

She was filled with many expectations .

There were not any travel-worn scenic spots on the island, and neither was it bustling with tourists . It was all just a leisure experience, stepping on the fine, white sands or taking a dip in the sea with all sorts of fishes about .

If they felt tired, they could relax in the spa while overlooking the sea . If they were hungry, they could sit on the balcony and enjoy a sumptuous seafood feast while enjoying the breeze .

When morning came, she would see the person she loved the most first, then the limitless, azure ocean outside the window .

This was probably the most beautiful fantasy she had of the Maldives .


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This vacation had probably cost a fortune, right?

If this were in the past, Yun Shishi would not be worried about such significant expenses, but her man had relinquished his role as the family head, after all . Moreover, she had vaguely heard that, after handing back his authority to the Mu Group, their accounts became a little tight . She did not know if such a vacation would cost a lot of money .

Holding such considerations, she seized the opportunity of being alone with her husband to ask, “This vacation at the Maldives, it cost a fortune, right?”

Mu Yazhe turned around and glanced at her before his lips curled into a smile . “There is no need for you to be worried about such things . All you have to think is how to enjoy this vacation properly, and that’s enough!”

“Why isn’t there a need?”

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Yun Shishi smiled disapprovingly . “We are already husband and wife . We shouldn’t hide anything from each other . Actually… my dream location for a vacation is the Maldives . It didn’t cross my mind that you’d plan this holiday for me, but… I heard that you had been rather tight on finances this period? Jinyu was saying that you invested in some assets elsewhere, and they are still under your name after leaving the Mu Group . When they begin to operate, they will need hefty funding, but since that you’ve cut ties with the Mu Group, you must be strained on your finances . I’m just worried… that it’ll be a burden for you to spend money on such meaningless expenses . ”

“What do you mean by meaningless expenses?”

Mu Yazhe smiled helplessly before turning to hug her gently and giving her forehead a peck . “Apart from our engagement ceremony, it seems that it’s been a long time since we got to enjoy our romantic couple’s world! Isn’t that right?”

Yun Shishi’s cheeks reddened at the man’s words . She nodded her head submissively and hummed softly in acknowledgment .

“Since it’s rare to be on vacation and be alone together, let’s throw ourselves completely into enjoying this moment and not be distracted by other things!”