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Chapter 2285

“That’s because I have Little Yichen with me . ”

“No,” Youyou pulled his older brother to him, emphasizing, “Little Yichen is my personal bodyguard, so don’t covet him, uncle . ”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of . ” Gong Jie resumed speaking in delight . “The island we are heading to was bought by me two years ago . The facilities, hotels, bars, resorts, and so on are all under my name . ”

The boy ignored him and warned Little Yichen, “Remember, uncle is an extremely dangerous person . The number of people who want to stab him is enough to form a line from here to Paris . If anything happens, grab me first and run . If necessary, keep a safe distance from him so that you can avoid being pulled into any disaster . ”

His brother nodded his head earnestly following his serious explanation .

At the side, Gong Jie furrowed his eyebrows and tugged his younger nephew’s ear, complaining, “This little fella, why are you so heartless?!”

Youyou snorted coldly . “I’m just stating the facts!”

What he said, however, was not wrong at all .

As the largest firearms organization in the world, Hurricane Group was known as the ‘horrific empire’ .

As the chief commander of the North American and European markets, Gong Jie was known as the ‘business world ripper’, not just in name but in reality as well .

He owned more than a hundred cargo aircraft and over fifty super-cargo ships under his name . Also, he had control over more than one thousand two hundred flights and was fluent in six languages . One could say that he was the most dazzling core figure in Hurricane Group .

Dangers always followed him .

Not only that; he had even been blacklisted by multiple governments and had even made it to the top ten of FBI’s most-wanted list once .

With that, he was indeed a ‘terrorist’ not just in name but also in reality .

Previously, to expand their territory, he had seized a share of profits in a place not under his control, offending many terrorist groups’ leaders .

Only the North American and European markets were under his administration, yet he dared to reach out toward the African market ambitiously .

Within three years, Gong Jie made use of the intelligence agency’s resource operations to reach an agreement . Among the thirty-two military campaigns in twenty-nine African countries, he had practically dominated the leading interests in the market, making countless profits .

The volume of profits he earned was enough to make many people green with envy .

Last year, he had several hundred billion US dollars under his name alone, becoming the leading outstanding talent in Hurricane Group .

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He naturally made many jealous, but Gong Shaoying was not happy about this .

Each market had its respective head . The African market had always been managed by other people . Gong Jie had unavoidably broken some rules by encroaching into their territory .

However, Gong Jie merely retorted coldly, “African market has the greenest pasture, but it has never managed to hit the target for years . Hurricane Group doesn’t need such an incompetent leader . I did this so that I could prove that the African market’s value is the most promising . ”

Gong Shaoying was rendered speechless by his words .

This son of his was exceptionally talented in his eyes .

There were not many people who could gain his recognition, but Gong Jie was definitely one of them .

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Although he did not agree with what he had done, he approved of his son’s abilities .

Therefore, for a long period after that, he had five military units protecting his son under the shadows at all times, but in actuality, his son had offended not just those people .

The number of European governments and terrorist groups that had put him on their hit list was too many to count .

No wonder Youyou described his uncle as a ‘dangerous figure’ .

There were many people hiding in the dark who wanted his life .