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Published at 26th of January 2021 02:25:22 AM

Chapter 2277

“Yunxi!” Appalled, Jiang Qimeng hastily rushed forward to her son’s bedside and covered his mouth . “You’re in a bad shape now, so don’t move around anymore! Just lie in bed and tell me what you need, okay? Watch your words, too!”

In a bid to keep his anger in check, he clenched his teeth hard and inhaled deeply; only then did he finally regain his calm composure .

Standing at one side was Song Enya, who had her head hanging low in guilt, with eyes moist from tears .

It hurt the lady to hear her brother speaking so harshly toward her, but she did not blame him in the slightest .

After all, everything happened because she had been so blinded by love; it was all her fault in the first place .

She knew her mistake now, though, and she swore not to commit such foolish mistakes again!

With eyes rimming red, she opened and closed her mouth several times but was hesitant to speak .

Does big brother hate me now? Is that why he refuses to talk to me?

He must be disappointed with me .

With his back facing his sister, Song Yunxi told his mother in a heavy voice, “I don’t feel comfortable lying down; I want to sit up straight . ”

“Yunxi…” Quietly and hesitantly, Jiang Qimeng looked at her son for a good while before she finally coaxed him . “Just lie back down! You’re seriously wounded right now . It’s inconvenient for you to sit up . ”

That was when he finally realized that something was off about himself .

He, somehow, could feel a weird, numbing sensation at many parts of his body . An excruciating pain shot through his body and left him gasping for breath when he tried to sit upright . He then lifted a quaking hand to soothe his chest, but the lifting motion alone sent him experiencing another bout of pain .

“Mom… ”

She immediately said, “Son… you shouldn’t be moving around when you’ve just had surgery… You’ll be the one suffering if the wound tears!”

“Surgery?!” Color drained from his face . He then hesitantly asked, “H-How’s my condition?”

Seeing that she could not hide it from her son any longer, she repeated what the doctor had said about his condition to him .

Multiple fractures, moderate concussion, and bleeding in his ribs, shoulders as well as inside the cranium…

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The young chap’s eyes dimmed upon hearing the diagnosis .

If I’m suffering from such serious injuries… won’t this mark the end of my military career?!

His father had paid quite a price to send him into the military unit he was currently assigned to . If he could stay in it for a couple more years, he would surely be able to achieve success in his career and have a bright future .

However, should he be discharged from military service at such a critical juncture, the years of effort and price they had paid would all turn to naught!

H-How did things turn out this way?!

The young man bit his bottom lip hard, his eyes red from fury and indignation .

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Song Enya suddenly made her way over to him and kneeled beside the bed, crying . “It’s all my fault, brother… I was too insensible for my good . I shouldn’t have done such a ridiculous thing and ended up implicating you and our family! I know my mistakes now! I know I was wrong… I won’t do it again…”

“Enya…” Her mother rushed over to her side and helped her up .

“What’s the use of apologizing?!”

The more he heard her wailing, the more conspicuous the veins on his forehead became . He frowned as he lashed out at her, lambasting, “Does saying sorry help?! Song Enya, are you satisfied now?! You’ve ruined our family! You not only ruined dad but also my career prospects! Are you satisfied now?! Are you happy now?! Why are you crying then?! Since your wish has come true, shouldn’t you be laughing out loud now?!”

Her cries only got louder and louder, however…