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Chapter 2278: 2278
Chapter 2278: Hatred is proportionate to love .

With tears in her eyes, Jiang Qimeng held her son’s wrist tightly . She warned her son in hopes of him getting a hold of himself . “Yunxi, stop talking nonsense!”

“How was that nonsense?!”

In an act of fury and defiance, he broke free from his mother’s hold and disregarded his injuries no matter how painful they were or how they were at risk of tearing as though he was immune to it all . “Was what I said untrue?!”

She was horrified to hear her son’s ranting and felt choked with emotions .

The young man went sneering . “You’re still defending her even at this point! I don’t pity her at all! Look; she still has the cheek to cry now! What about me? She must be happy to see me in this state! Everyone in the family has doted on and cared for her since her birth, yet our love was treated like garbage by her—it could not even compare to that heartless man! For him, she disregarded our family’s interests and threw herself at him like a moth attracted to a deadly flame, but in the end?! We’re the ones cleaning after her mess! How naïve must a girl be to disregard everything else and insist on carrying the child of a man who doesn’t love her?! She even resorted to using such a vile method! I-I… I’m ashamed to acknowledge her as my sister! Are you both satisfied now?! To preserve her reputation, dad is giving that piece of land in Xin Cheng to uncle! Have you any idea what that means?!”

Song Enya, who could no longer keep her tears at bay, covered her face as she bawled . “Don’t say anymore, brother! I already know my mistake! It’s my fault for implicating you, dad, and the rest of our family! I’ll make it up to all of you! I’ll make it up…”

Her brother let out a despairing laugh at that . “How on earth do you want to make up to us and on what methods?! Given how things have turned out, do you think you can make up for our losses?”

Like a helpless yet crying little child, she extended her hand out in hopes of holding her big brother’s hand .

“Get lost!” he bellowed . “Get out of my sight! I don’t want to see you!”


“Get lost!”

Jiang Qimeng hugged her son tightly in heartache before sending an eye-signal to her daughter, who bore with all her aggrieved feelings and quietly turned to leave the ward .

Once Song Enya was out of the ward, she sat listlessly on the bench along the corridor, hugging her shoulders helplessly while hanging her head low .

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After coaxing her brother to sleep, her mother left the ward, sat beside her, and passed her a cup of hot tea .

“Daughter, your brother was just being emotional earlier and didn’t mean what he said . Don’t take his words to heart! Your brother… still loves you dearly!”

The young missy nodded . “I know…”

“Don’t dwell on negative thoughts anymore . Now that you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be agitated . Try to curb those feelings, or you’ll be at risk of a miscarriage! From tomorrow onward, I’ll stay at the hospital to look after your brother, while you just need to stay at home and recuperate . ” Her mother patted her lightly on the shoulder as she gave her some advice .

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She balled up her fists tightly; all of a sudden, because of the chain of events that had happened, all feelings of fondness for her uncle turned into hatred, which ran deep to the core .

Her immense love for him equated to the amount of hatred she had for him .

Loving him was the most demeaning thing she had ever done in her life .

The two of them had been inseparable throughout her entire life, and the man was akin to the most vibrant stroke of color in her youthful memories .

She thought that he liked her, too!