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Published at 26th of January 2021 02:25:28 AM

Chapter 2276

Song Enya stood guard over her brother the whole night . As she lay her head on the bed, she noticed the slight movement next to her and looked up abruptly .

“You woke up!” she exclaimed excitedly .

He was about to say something when he saw her, but the pain from the corner of his lips made him draw a deep breath .

“Be careful with your movements, brother . Your injuries are serious . ”

As she spoke, she held his hand tightly . She was guilt-stricken toward her brother . If not for her, he would not have lost his good sense to seek the Gus .

The next day after he was admitted to the hospital, the Gus called their family and sent an invoice detailing the expenses Song Yunxi had spent at the club that night . The bill also included the damage he had caused that day .

While Song Zhengguo was scrambling to find the culprit for his son’s condition, Gu Jinglian had already taken the lead by getting one of his henchmen to give him a call .

The caller narrated the event that had transpired to the father and, toward the end, told him mockingly, “Your son was insolent to ask the Gu family to stand up for the Songs . What a laughable request!”

The latter was so angry that he coughed up blood .

That was how his wife and daughter came to know what the young man had done . Indignant over what his sister had suffered, he sought the Gu family in hopes that this mafia clan would avenge his family’s loss . In the end, he offended their honcho and ended up getting badly beaten, instead .

Song Enya was especially apologetic after hearing the truth . Her mistake had cost her father and brother dearly .

Jiang Qimeng was cooking porridge when she heard her daughter’s exclamation . Turning around, she saw her son with his eyes open at last and quickly took a seat next to the bed .

“Yunxi, you finally woke up! Thanks, heaven!”

The young man did not say a word .

As his hazy consciousness finally cleared, he realized where he was with a start .

The mother signaled to her daughter with a worried glance when she saw her son not talking, and Song Enya understood her intention immediately . Holding her brother’s hand, she inquired gently, “How are you feeling? Do you want some water or, perhaps, an apple? Let me peel some for you…”

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Her voice trailed off as the man did not show a desire to acknowledge her at all .

He looked at her expressionlessly before his eyes turned cold without warning, then he withdrew his hand lightly from hers in stony silence .

His sister was taken aback by this action .

Her brother would never do this to her in the past . She had been the apple of his eye all this while, but his response toward her now was too impassive to be real .

“What’s wrong…”

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“Don’t touch me . ” He turned away from her in resentment .

Even though every action was an ordeal to him in his current condition, he really did not want to see her at all, much less talk to her .

The lady’s heart ached at his rejection, and she retracted her hand with sullen reluctance .

Looking at his back facing her, her eyes turned red as she sobbed . “Are you angry with me—”

“I don’t want to hear your voice,” he cut her off coldly . “Our family is about to be ruined by you! I don’t have a sister like you, nor can I manage one like you!”