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Published at 20th of January 2021 11:45:09 PM

Chapter 2266: 2266
Chapter 2266: His Dark Past (4)

The dormitory could hardly be called a home; even a dog would wag for something better .

Lin Xueya got him a luxurious apartment in the city center . It had a room and a hall, just right as a couple pad .

Before him, she had no other man . He was her one and only .

She doted on him and satisfied all his needs, be it house, car, and even his acting career . She was the one who pulled strings for him when he debuted in showbiz .

In the beginning, she was not too eager in this relationship .

The missy kept reminding herself to take this as a game of love . She knew her destiny well; it was not for her to determine her marriage . Once she came to a suitable age, she would have to follow her family’s marriage arrangement .

The man she was to marry would probably come from another elite household in high society . In any case, there would be no future for Hua Jin and her .

If that was the case, she might as well give herself the permission to play rogue with the man she had taken a liking to .

Unfortunately, even though she had given herself clear warning at the start, she had eventually fallen too deep, too late into this game of love as it went on .

He was like opium to her . She was already too deeply addicted to him by the time she realized she had fallen into this love trap . At that time, she was actually a bit scared . What if she were to end up hurt at the end of this game?

Nevertheless, she chose to hang onto him even though she got a chance to let go .

By then, she could not face reality . Despite giving her all, why… was he unmoved by her love? Since the start, he had never looked her in the eyes .

She could tell that the sweet-nothings that he whispered to her all the time, or even the tenderness he displayed when they made love, were superficial .

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He did not love her, and she could not take it lying down .

Since she had fallen into this swamp, her headstrong character wanted to pull him along with her down the cesspool .

She needed him, so should he not need her as well?

Maybe the person he needed was not her?

Hence, when she walked into the hospital room and saw him holding another woman’s hand, looking carefree and happy, she was so hurt! In place of his usual, melancholic demeanor, his eyes were full of tenderness and love for a change .


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She did all she could to make him happy, yet he chose to reveal his loving expression to another woman?

Did she really fail to capture his heart despite all her efforts?

She blew her top finally .

That night, she vented all her frustration on him inside the hospital room, raining cruelty at him like a woman possessed .

“All men are low-balls! You disregarded all my kindness and chose to be good to that woman who took care of you for just a few nights?!”

“Rong Jin, why must you trample on yourself in this manner?!

“Do you really think she’s sincere toward you? She’s only taken pity on you! That’s right! You’re pitiful!”

She mocked him relentlessly with her sharp, unbearable, and hurtful words .

She could still remember how the man curled into a corner of the bed, hugging his injured body tightly as he hung his head low . He did not say a word, but she caught a teardrop at the corner of his eye by chance .

This was when she realized the terrible pain she had caused him and she quickly apologized . She held him in her arms, but despite her profuse apologies, his body and expression remained cold and unmoved .