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Chapter 2265: 2265

The young chap got the subtle hint right away and agreed with a nod .

Before knowing her, he was a lowly moneyboy . In the olden days, his status would most likely be equated to those male playthings raised by the rich and powerful for private entertainment .

As long as the requestor had the money, regardless of the person’s status and power, he would need to service the customer at his keeper’s bidding .

He had protested and resisted against such inhumane arrangement, but all he got were numerous beatings and imprisonments . Alas, not only did he end up with countless injuries, he had to bow to those contemptuous mockers, too .

In this world, the brighter the place might be, the darker the corners might hide .

He envied those who could walk in the light . As for him, he could only retreat to a dark corner to lick his wounds quietly .

Before he came in contact with the entertainment scene, he did not know that men could be degraded in such a way .

How lowly could one get in front of powerful men?

No one could not imagine the pain and repression he had endured then .

Living was worse than death, and he was sick of such a life .

He was treated as a commodity, sans dignity and pride, by the rich and famous . Despite the humiliation, he still had to greet those immoral and ugly faces with a smile .

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Finally, his keeper gave him permission to leave such a hellish life, provided that he could capture this woman’s heart . She brought a ray of hope to his desperate situation .

After the event ended, he stood waiting for her outside the door . When Lin Xueya walked out of it, she did not notice him standing in a corner, smoking quietly .

The man reached for her arm and pulled her into a corner . Holding her by the shoulders, he had her pinned in that narrow space . Without using words, he decided to make his move in the most direct way—he kissed her long and hard .

Perhaps it was their proximity or the woman was longing for such intimacy, she did not resist him . As he had just finished his drag, there was still a faint tobacco smell lingering on his lips, but she did not mind it surprisingly . She was known to detest smoking . In fact, she started to draw closer to him the longer they kissed .

After their kiss, the man asked her with a smile, “Pretty lady, are you willing to have dinner with me?”

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His smile enchanted her, and she was helplessly, and hopelessly, swooned .

She could no longer care to be reserved; her heart was totally held captive by him .

They checked into a hotel and spent a wanton night inside a presidential suite .

After their lovemaking, he panted into her ear, “Let me be your pet, alright?”

By then, she was no longer her usual self and readily agreed to everything he said .

Hua Jin’s keeper came to discuss terms with her the next day .

As for the terms and conditions, these could not be measured by dirty money . The middle-aged man had no lack of money, but he needed some influential network, which Lin Xueya could provide him .

As the matter panned out, the young man was taken in as the woman’s private pet .

Being with her made a drastic change in his life .

For one, he could finally move out from that dark and hideous basement .

The woman had a glimpse of the place on the day he moved out .