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Chapter 2267: 2267

Instead, the actor flashed her a forced smile . “You don’t have to apologize . ”


“Because your uttered words are nothing but facts . ”

The heartwrenching sight of him looking up at her with that forced smile on his face cut the young lady’s heart deep . “I’m a pitiful, lowly, and cheap person… Haven’t I all along been humbly pandering to you people?”

His words struck the young missy dumbfounded .

“In your eyes, I’m nothing but a possession that can be trampled on . She, in contrast, has always treated me like a decent human being… and has, at least, let me salvage what’s little left of my pride . ”

“It’s all because I’m a cheap object, so the rest of you can be unbridled and act high and mighty in my presence . Likewise, aren’t you treating me so well because of the pleasure and warmth I give you and your desire to keep me by your side? She, in contrast, has never wanted or even expected anything from me . While her actions might come across as hypocrisy to you, I managed to find dignity as a human being from her at the very least . ”

He smiled at her again . “Perhaps for you, dignity is something at the reach of your fingertips . It is, however, a luxury to me . ”

That was indeed so .

Dignity, which was deemed worthless by Lin Xueya, was something extravagant to Hua Jin . This was why he usually behaved like a haughty tyrant in any production team; he just wanted to salvage that pathetic pride of his in this dog-eat-dog world .

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As she gradually regained her senses, she looked up, only to have tears involuntarily brimming in her eyes when met with his calm yet aloof orbs .

“I’m sorry… I might’ve done and said many things that hurt your feelings, but… I didn’t mean to do any of them . ”

“Xiao Ya, we’re unsuited for each other; there’s no way that I can be with you no matter how much you wish for it . Even if I do love you, what of it? Will your family accept a worthless scum like me?”

“You’re no worthless scum!” She screamed in a bid to stop him from demeaning himself .

“At least, in their eyes…” the actor inhaled a deep breath, saying with much difficulty, “I am . ”

Not wanting to hear him go on, she covered her ears and shook her head in helplessness . “Shut up… Stop it… Don’t say anymore…”

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“One shouldn’t force their loved ones to act against their wishes; isn’t that so?”

“Shut up…”

“See, you’re still ordering me about even now . We’ve never been equals from the start . ” He paid no heed to her mental breakdown and, instead, let out an indifferent laugh . “I wish I could return your feelings, too, but I couldn’t seem to do so . ”


Her scream reverberated endlessly in the empty bathroom .

The young lady then forcefully tugged on the vulnerable actor’s arm, making him fall right into the bathtub; his slender body was, thus, soaked by the warm water .

“Don’t say anymore!”

Seizing the moment of his vulnerability, she climbed on top of him and pressed herself against his wet torso .

Hua Jin basically did not put up any struggle at all . Instead, he allowed the warm water to soak his shoulders and chest until they seeped into his eyes, nose, and ears . Even then, he remained motionless and kept his breathing still .

In her frantic craze, the missy landed her kisses messily on his eyelashes, nose tip, and cheeks before eventually and desperately sealing his lips with hers…