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Chapter 2261: 2261

Lin Boxiong paused for a moment before he continued speaking . “Also, I’m warning you not to pull any funny tricks with me! I won’t fall for them! When we are there, you must showcase all the good upbringing I’ve inculcated in you . You should know best about how you ought to behave! If you don’t follow everything as per my request, I have a way to make you regret your past deeds!”

When Lin Xueya heard the obvious threat in his words, she raised her head harshly, only to see Lin Boxiong’s usually tranquil gaze now filled with bloody ferocity . She realized that her father had truly gotten furious this time, so much so that he could commit underhanded means . She instantly thought of her lover and questioned him with moist eyes, “What’re you going to do to Hua Jin?!”

“He deliberately seduced you into a quagmire! It can be considered as going easy on that chap if I only break his legs! It’s clear that you’ve fallen for his curse—fallen head over heels for him! From what I could see, that lad was born with an exceptionally beautiful face . I really want to see if you’ll still be so caught up with him once he loses his looks after I cut his face up!”

Her father snorted, his tone full of disdain and cruelty .

She instantly cried in fear, “You’re not allowed to treat him that way! Dad, please don’t force me, alright?! I don’t want to get married to anyone; I only want to be with Hua Jin . I love him and want to be with him for the rest of my life . Why couldn’t you just give me your blessings?!”

“That’s because things have never been equal between humans since birth!” coldly retorted Lin Boxiong .

‘Things have never been equal between humans since birth . ’

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Lin Xueya was born wealthy, while Hua Jin was born poor .

Two people like them could only walk parallel to each other in this world . There would never be a fateful intersection point between them in their lives .

The only reason there was this temporary intersection point between Lin Xueya and Hua Jin was her appearance during his lowest moment .

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Lin Boxiong persuaded and guided her patiently, “Xiaoya, I really don’t understand you at all! Tell me: Why are you getting tangled up with a broke actor instead of fighting to be the wife of a young master? There is no future between you two! Don’t you know how many people have played with that chap you love so much before his debut?! He is a struggling bottom figure and has no dignity whatsoever . Being with him will only tarnish your reputation! Did you not check that fella’s past? If we are to speak of this in ancient times, this lad would be equivalent to a moneyboy who specialized in being played by government officials! He was born to be a toy . Being with him will only bring about humiliation . How could he be worthy of you with his lowly status? Wouldn’t you just be seen as a joke? Wouldn’t our family be seen as a joke? Your grandfather sacrificed so much for our family to have its present reputation . We can’t be reduced into ashes just because of your ill-considered actions!”

Lin Xueya’s face turned ghastly pale .

“That’s enough; don’t say anymore…”

She clenched her fists tightly .

How could she not be aware of Hua Jin’s past?

Before entering the entertainment industry, he had indeed been a boytoy like what her father had said . It was not that she had not indulged in a life of luxury and abandoned all restraint, either, but when she thought of those ugly faces, she felt even sorrier for the suffering Hua Jin had endured .