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Published at 19th of January 2021 12:20:07 AM

Chapter 2260: 2260
Chapter 2260: You are in no place to make decisions .

When Lin Boxiong learned that his most adored daughter was being a sugar mommy to a pretty boy in showbiz, he could not restrain his anger .

He secretly investigated this lover of hers, and when his eyes swept across the information in his hands, he saw how it was full of disgusting deeds .

One could imagine how furious Lin Boxiong was at that moment .

His expectations for Lin Xueya had always been high . He had always raised her to be a well-bred young lady, but he had never thought that she would fool around behind his back . Amid his fury, Lin Boxiong sent a few subordinates to find Hua Jin and lay it down harshly on him, asking him to stay away from his daughter .

Naturally, the actor welcomed this and gave his consent, but when Lin Xueya found out about it, she flared up at her father at home .

She professed her stance and said it was impossible for her to break off ties with the actor .

She could gladly accept if her marriage was arranged, but she had one condition .

Her future husband was not allowed to meddle in her personal matters with Hua Jin .

How ridiculous was that?!

For a married woman to still be tangled with other men outside, any husband would not be able to tolerate it .

Although there were many women who would marry into wealthy families despite not having any romantic feelings for their husbands, with both parties ultimately fooling around sans questioning the other, Lin Xueya was different .

She was born into the Lins . If she was stirred up in such murky practices, what would be destroyed was only their family’s principles .

Her father naturally did not agree and scolded her harshly .

She was one who obstinately clung to her course . Why would she listen to him?

She was determined to refuse, saying that Hua Jin was her baseline . If he did not push beyond that, everything else was negotiable, but if he touched it, she would definitely not let the matter drop .

Therefore, he flew into a terrible rage and requested time and again for his daughter to break things off cleanly with the idol .

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Not only did she fail to follow his wishes, the problem with the pretty boy only worsened . The originally harmonious relationship between father and daughter gradually became as if they were skating on thin ice .

Lin Boxiong slowly lost faith in his daughter . Initially, he was not in a rush to settle her marriage, but now, he could not wait to marry off this unfilial daughter .

First, it was because he wished that his daughter would settle down . At least, if she had a child after marrying someone, she might stop being caught up with that man for her children .

Therefore, Lin Boxiong did not have any objections when Mu Linfeng discussed with him about this matter .

Marrying into the Mu family was a good place .

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Although he did not really like and approve of Mu Yancheng, he was alright with the marriage if it meant that he could tame his daughter .

He was still rather open-minded about the marriage . It was not only up to him . He wanted his daughter to meet the man and let them try dating first, to see if they would develop good feelings for each other, before proceeding with the matchmaking .

Mu Linfeng agreed . They decided to plan a meeting between their children after the fifteenth of the first lunar month .

When Lin Boxiong returned home, he relayed this to Lin Xueya, whose expression instantly turned dark as she turned him down .

However, he was unyielding on this matter, not allowing her refusal .

“No matter what you think, you are in no place to make a decision here! I am telling you just to let you know about this, so you can mentally prepare yourself . It doesn’t matter whether you want to go or not . This time, you have to go regardless!”

Lin Xueya’s face turned ashen as her tears fell in her indignation .