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Published at 20th of January 2021 11:45:24 PM

Chapter 2262

That was why she used her influence later to help Hua Jin leave those murky places .

She did not care about his past!

In her eyes, he was still pure and all that was good . It was out of the question if her feelings for him stemmed from pity or adoration . All that mattered was that the feelings she had now were deep-rooted and could not be swayed .

What was wrong in loving someone?

She was in love with him . Even though the man was as insignificant as dust and negligible, she was willing to let go of her proud status to be with him in the dirt .

She was well-aware that she did not hold a place in the actor’s heart . She knew that his behavior had only been an act to gain her favor and to please her .

She knew that the tender sentiments from him were fake!

Those words of endearment were said against his will, but she did not care because she loved him .

Loving him was enough for her .

As long as she could be with him, it did not matter if everything was just an act .

Seeing how she obstinately persisted in going about things the wrong way, Lin Boxiong exploded in fury . “I absolutely forbid you from tarnishing the Lin family’s reputation!”

Hearing this, Lin Xueya went unexpectedly silent . After keeping calm, she retorted faintly, “Dad, the only reason you refuse to let me be with Hua Jin is that you are afraid of me dragging our family’s name, right? Then, why don’t you chase me out? I will no longer be a part of the Lins, and this way, no matter what I do, I won’t humiliate our family and you won’t lose face for having a daughter like me! Isn’t that what you wish for?”

“Disgraceful thing!”

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Grandpa Lin’s rage was heard from the second floor .

Standing a level above them, he glared at his granddaughter with fury . He tapped his cane in unrestrained anger and roared, “How did our family nurture such a rebellious girl like you?! How dare you abandon your family over a man?! You have no sense of propriety at all! Very well! Since you no longer acknowledge our family, you can just get lost! Get out of this family and never return! Leave as far as you can!”

Lin Xueya turned around and walked to the door without another word .

Lin Boxiong became anxious when he saw this, instantly chasing after his daughter . Who knew that the latter would be so stubborn, leaving just like that?

Behind them, Grandpa Lin scolded angrily, “What are you chasing her for? Let her leave! The faster, the better! It’s fine for us not to acknowledge an unfilial granddaughter like her!”

Fine, I’ll leave!

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Lin Xueya also had a temper, so she left her house sans a backward glance .

She roamed the streets by herself for an entire night .

As it was the New Year’s Eve, the originally bustling metropolis had become a ghost city .

She did not know how long she had been walking down the quiet lanes .

Although the night was chilly as snowflakes fell from the sky, she did not seem to sense it at all as she continued walking with her head lowered .

She had actually wandered for an entire night in this huge capital from the east ring to the south ring .

Only when there was a shred of white in the sky did Lin Xueya realize that she had unknowingly walked to the front of Hua Jin’s apartment .

This was probably the last place left that would keep her .


Lin Xueya hugged his shoulders, dazed and helpless like a child .

Hua Jin involuntarily hugged her back, widening his eyes and feeling perplexed . However, in the next instant, the man heard her helpless inquiry . “Do you really love me?”

Do you really love me…