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Published at 17th of January 2021 12:25:06 AM

Chapter 2254: 2254
Chapter 2254: A Rascal Deserving a Beating

“Oh, she’s still probably sleeping . We shouldn’t disturb them…”

“It’s almost twelve noon . Shouldn’t they be awake by now?”

After Gong Jie said that, he tried to convince the other boy to wake up his parents . “Hey, you’ll be responsible to wake them up . ”

“No, this won’t do!” Youyou explained seriously . “They must’ve slept only at dawn, so they’re probably still sleeping right now . Let them have more rest . They can settle their lunch later . ”

This piqued his uncle’s interest as the man asked quizzically, “How did you know that they went to bed only at dawn?”

As the boy picked food with his chopsticks, he gave the adult an elegant smile . “Uncle, you’re single who shouldn’t ask this kinda question, or you may get hurt . ”

The table filled with bachelors looked at him with blurred expressions .

Hua Jin broke into a guffaw . “Ha ha ha!”

This boy totally doesn’t sound like a seven-year-old! He’s more like an adult when he talks; how adorable!

Vexed, Gong Jie snapped his fingers against the other man’s forehead . “What’s so funny?!”

The idol tittered . “I didn’t know that you are a bachelor, too . ”

On one side, the younger twin smiled . “See, uncle, you and Brother Hua Jin are both single . Why don’t you two hold hands and be an item, instead?”

His uncle blew his top . “Get lost!”

At the same time, the idol looked wry as his face flushed with embarrassment . “I have a normal sexual inclination! I like women . ”

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“But you two seemed to work very well together during the tissue game last night! I think both your lips have touched ten times . ” At this point, the young boy drew close to his uncle with a nosy and teasing expression . “Tell me: Did you feel a current running through you when your lips touched?”

His older brother could not follow their conversation .

He went to bed early last night and did not join their card game . As such, he had missed out on all the excitement then .

“Get lost!” Gong Jie’s face sank further . “That wasn’t kissing!”

His younger nephew was out to stoke his irritation, though . “Oh, please . You’re so good-looking and rich; don’t tell me that you can’t find a girlfriend, or is it because… you have a different sexual orientation?!”

“Get lost!”

“Don’t tell me you prefer pretty boys, instead?”

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“Get lost!”

“How about I betroth Brother Hua Jin to you?”

“Get lost!”

The man was deeply infuriated at the mention of last night’s embarrassing event .

This lad should know not to pry into another person’s private affairs, shouldn’t he? There are things that ought not to be spoken!

This rascal deserves a beating!

Little Yichen, who had become piqued to the brim by then, could no longer hold himself back from asking . “What are you guys talking about? I slept early last night . Did you all slip out for some decadent fun while I was asleep?”

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His chirpy questions only fanned his uncle’s anger further . Looking up to glare coldly at the boy, he snorted . “Eat your food!”

The older boy stifled his whining protest and, with a forlorn look on his face, started to gobble his lunch .

His wronged look tickled his younger brother so much that the latter jumped in to explain . “The five of us played cards last night, and uncle lost . Daddy then punished Brother Hua Jin and him with the tissue game . ”

“Tissue game?”

“Yup! Brother Hua Jin had a piece of tissue wedged between his lips for our uncle to take by sucking before dropping it into the dustbin . He had to do it ten times to complete the full punishment . ”

With his eyes wide open, the older boy tried to imagine the scene, and it got him so shock that he spat the rice in his mouth with a ‘pfft!’