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Chapter 2255

The rice spat by the boy landed right on Gong Jie’s face, who had been coincidentally sitting opposite of him .

His uncle tried to hold back his fury as he closed his eyes and clenched his fists tightly . He seemed to have mulled over everything repeatedly before he was finally able to suppress his anger after much difficulty .

He opened his eyes and asked through gritted teeth, “Are you seeking death?”

“No, no, uncle… I wasn’t laughing at you . ” Little Yichen was flustered and tried to explain himself, but he only ended up looking even guiltier .

It was fine if he did not try to hide it .

His uncle’s face turned uglier the moment he did . With a dark expression, he retorted, “You’re obviously mocking me!”

Youyou took out his phone all of a sudden and showed Little Yichen a video . “You slept really early yesterday, so you missed out on a lot of stuff . Good thing I took a video; here, let me show you!”

The man’s face turned ghastly pale as he asked in disbelief, “You actually dared to record it?!”

“It’d be such a waste if I didn’t take a video of such a brilliant episode!” he replied matter-of-factly .

Little Yichen took his brother’s phone and began watching the recording delectably .

He was so amused when he saw Gong Jie sucking the tissue from Hua Jin’s lips with a livid face that he broke into a hearty laugh . “Oh, my! Uncle’s expression was truly spectacular! Ha ha!”

“Shut up!”

Gong Jie reached out and tried to snatch the phone away .

However, the boy was not about to be outdone when it came to agility . He avoided his uncle nimbly and, jumping down from his seat, hid in a corner where the latter could not easily catch him to continue watching the video .

“You’re still watching?!”

The man stood up and was about to chase his nephew when the latter turned around and provoked him by making a funny face before running up to the second floor .

Gong Jie chased the boy up to the second floor as a result .

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Dong dong dong—

Youyou and Hua Jin exchanged a quiet look before shrugging their shoulders in tacit understanding .

Finally, the nephew was caught by his uncle, who then took the phone away and speedily deleted the video before teaching him a harsh lesson .

By the time he carried the boy downstairs, all the meat on the dining table had been wiped clean .

“Where’s all the meat?!”

The idol and his younger nephew hugged their bloated bellies as they sat on the couch and licked their lips, craving for more . “They’re all in our stomachs . ”

Gong Jie: “…”

Was that their way of luring the tiger away from its den?

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Youyou criticized them arrogantly, “Who asked you guys to misbehave and not finish your meals properly? Don’t blame us for you two missing out on the meat!”

“Lil’ bro, you’ve gone overboard! You did it on purpose!” accused Little Yichen as he was filled with anger and indignance .

With that, the two fellas began to cause a scene .

As their uncle quietly watched them bicker, he broke into a sudden smile .

These two nephews of his were like elves; they were adorable and playful .

He was envious yet also earnestly yearned for such a life .

It must be a truly happy thing to have such a peaceful life .

As the two kids were causing a racket with their quarrelling, they unexpectedly awakened his desire for a family .

Since young, his concept of a family had always been cold and blurry .

To him, the Gong family was like a large imperial family, which was nothing simple or ordinary .

Everyone had their tasks to fulfill . Even when they were young, it was unimaginable of them to get into such fights without qualms .

Every kin of his was covetously eyeing their family’s enormous fortune .

Therefore, Gong Jie never had a clear grasp of what having a family meant . He thought that it was just a place to live in .

Now, as he bore witness to this harmonious scene, his heart could not help but be filled with warmth .