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Published at 17th of January 2021 12:25:16 AM

Chapter 2253

This only aroused her defiant spirit, though, and she fought to free her hands from his restraint . He turned his body away from her to avoid her hands this time .

She attacked him, and the two started to push and tussle playfully under the bed quilt .

They got sweaty in the end, but this did not seem to stop the woman as she lunged forward to try to touch his abdomen still .

The man suddenly flipped around and pinned her under him as he warned, “You can touch all you want, but you must bear the consequences!”

The woman stifled her laughter and retorted wryly, “What kinda consequences will there be? I won’t break your ribs in any case . ”

“Hmph . If you say so . ” As he spoke, he took her petite hand down below him .

She finally had her wish granted, but in return, she found her heart racing again, where it beat hard against her rib cage .

At the same time, as he lay on top of her, she could feel his strong and rhythmic heartbeats .

All she did was touch his torso lightly, and both burned hot again!

Question marks filled her mind . “What is going on here?!”

I didn’t do anything more than dipping my hands on his body lightly . Why are we back to this state again?!

Is this man always so energetic?!

Her husband forged innocence . “Silly, you must bear this consequence . ”

“I didn’t do anything!” she protested sheepishly . “You’re so full of energy!”

The man laughed and kissed her soft and small lips, defending himself indignantly, “I only have unlimited energy for things I like . ”

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She chuckled and tugged on his shoulder . “Alright, alright . Stop fooling around . Let’s go to sleep!”

“Are you still thinking of sleeping?” The man snorted, making it clear that he did not intend to let her off easily .

His desires, which he had settled after some difficulties, were aroused again because of her willful touching . She had to take responsibility for these .

Before the poor lady could say anything more, her feeble protests were again smothered by the man’s wild, passionate kisses .

This was how they spent a tumultuous night until dawn…

On the first day of the Chinese new year .

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Gong Jie woke up in the afternoon and did a leisure round downstairs to find Little Yichen up and about earlier than him .

The boy got up early because he went to bed early last night . Naturally, his younger brother woke up at about the same time as him .

By the time Youyou washed up, changed, and walked into the living room, the older boy and his uncle were already playing a video game .

The younger sibling loved playing video games, and there was no lack of gadgets at home: Xbox 360, iwii, PS4, and loads of game cartridges .

His older brother loved to play those as well . Hence, when he had nothing to do, he would go for the gaming TV console .

At this moment, the uncle-nephew duo was having a helluva time with a game .

In the dining area, Youyou was yawning as he moved to prepare lunch . His brother and uncle only joined him after he had placed the dishes on the table . Right about this time, Hua Jin roused from sleep as well and came down to join them .

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“Brother Hua Jin, come and have your lunch!”

Brother Hua Jin…

A surge of warmth flowed in his heart .

His lips curled into a smile involuntarily and he took a seat at the dining table .

The younger of the twins laid out the table and utensils when his uncle asked, “What about your mommy? Shouldn’t we call her to have lunch, too?”

“Oh, she’s probably still sleeping . ”