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Published at 17th of January 2021 12:25:21 AM

Chapter 2252

His tyrannical yet seductive kiss was like aged wine which got her light-headed .

The man before her was so good-looking in an off-handed manner, which exuded an unbelievable charm through and through .

She was rather upset at her lack of self-control and gulped down a blob of saliva subconsciously .

He caught sight of this micro-movement, and it prompted a cheeky smile from him .

She looked down and blinked her eyes shyly .

The man’s lazy, heavy panting could be heard next to her .

She grumbled, “Why don’t I see you putting on weight when you eat so much all the time?”

“Silly, this is how my body constitution works . ” His charming, husky voice rang in her ears .

His scorching breath caressed her earlobe as he gently and patiently guided her hands .

Although she was somewhat clumsy, she seemed to catch on the right moves slowly .

Looking up at him, she got upset with herself again when her eyelids jumped . Her action turned anxious and careless as her heart skipped a beat .

She was too embarrassed for words and merely bit her lower lip nervously . The more she thought of her actions, the worse she felt inside . This was when, all of a sudden…

There was a tearing sound, and the man caught hold of her hand with a start . “Shishi…”

“Yes? What is it?”

He nibbled her earlobe, causing her to yelp in pain, much like the way she hurt him earlier . The man then grumbled petulantly, “What a clumsy fool!”

“Hmph! If you continue your nonsense, I’ll castrate you!”

“Do you dare to do that?”

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“Let’s wait and see!”

“Hmph! I dare you to try!”

“Sure! Who’s afraid of whom?”

The man chuckled to himself and, with a playful grin, grabbed her chin, then forced his lips on hers . He then remarked casually, “What a stubborn chick!”

Instead of passively waiting for her, he decided to take the lead once and for all .

He flipped her around by the shoulders and invaded the woman with her back facing him .

Her body shook, the blush on her face getting worse and making her look absolutely adorable!

The smile on his face turned wider and deeper as he gazed at her .

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After their lovemaking session ended, he carried the woman to the bed and covered her with the quilt . She then lay in his arms comfortably .

The woman could not stop her hands from moving up and down his body, however .

“What are you doing?” asked the man, displeased .


“Eh? Tell me . ”

She plucked up her courage and admitted it . “I want to see how your muscular abs feel . ”

The man’s face sank instantly .

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“C’mon; just one touch, okay?” she cajoled, her curiosity was brimming by then . “Let me satisfy my curiosity, alright?”

“No . ” He refused her request flatly .

She pouted forlornly and complained, “How heartless! You let me touch you earlier when you wanted stimulation, yet you’re refusing me now . You’re so petty!”

“Hmph . ” Ignoring her complaint, he locked her hands down and refused to let them roam free on his torso .

This only roused her defiant spirit, though, and she fought her hands free from him . He turned his body away from her to avoid her hands this time .

She attacked him, and the two started to push and tussle playfully under the bed quilt .

They got sweaty in the end, but this did not seem to stop the woman as she lunged forward to try to touch his abdomen still .