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Published at 16th of January 2021 01:15:08 AM

Chapter 2251: 2251
Chapter 2251: Who says that we are a long-time couple?

The man pecked her lips lightly . His soft, lingering breath, together with the warm water, was almost too much for her to bear .

“We are already an old-time couple; what’s there to be embarrassed about?”

He did not expect his words to cause her face to flush even brighter and hotter .

Old-time couple…

She rebutted indignantly, “Who said we’re an old-time couple?!”

They did not have their official wedding yet, so at most, they could only consider themselves as newly-weds .

How could this man skip a few marriage stages to become an old-time couple with me?!

He, on the other hand, could not be bothered with her feeble protests and just moved to seduce her like a charming, tyrannical ruler . “Say, you want me? Yes?”

His voice was so low and magnetic that she dared not move an inch further while biting hard her lower lip .

With him standing so close to her, she quickly noticed the subtle changes in his physical body . Realizing what was happening to him with a start, she could only stare at him with a fumbling look!

“You see,” he said, “this ‘thing’ has been aroused by you . ”

She felt wronged and tried to defend herself . “I didn’t do anything!”

This only got him saying, “Little thing, you are already too seductive without doing anything . ”

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Grabbing hold of her, his big palms closed on her small ones as he ordered charmingly, “Why don’t you touch it?”

She stared at him, wide-eyed, like a startled bunny . She looked lost and anxious, not knowing where to place her hands all of a sudden .

Touch… Is he telling me to touch that ‘thing’ of his?

I… I’ve never felt that ‘thing’ with my hands before…

Actually, she was really curious to find out how that ‘thing’ would feel in her hands, but her strict sense of decorum prohibited her from touching it . It seemed like a lascivious action; hence, she dared not cross the line .

“Are you afraid?”

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He was bemused by her bashfulness . With a smile, he caught hold of her hand and led her to explore his body part .

Her fingertip could feel the heat the moment she touched it . Letting out a cry of ‘ah’, she withdrew her fingers almost immediately .

“What’s wrong?

“What is that reaction, silly?” chided the man softly . Refusing to let go of her hand, he was about to continue their little exercise when she objected, “Don’t you move!”

The man looked at her quizzically, then she said, “I… Let me do this myself…”

He let go of her hand and allowed her to continue with her exploration in a demure fashion .

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Her hand was very fair and petite, soft and smooth to the touch like rare silk .

She was one of those who were born with beautiful hands, which were akin to works of art .

He was so electrified by her touch that he had the urge to do her there and then .

However, he knew he would scare her off by doing so . All he could, thus, do was suppress his urges with gritted teeth as he waited for her next move .

By then, she was already covered in perspiration . As she stood, drenched, under the shower, she could no longer differentiate her perspiration from the warm, pouring water from above .

Panicking, she looked up at the man, only to see his piercing orbs staring back at her . The man could no longer hold back his desire and kissed her at that instant .