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Published at 16th of January 2021 01:15:18 AM

Chapter 2250
Chapter 2250: Why is your nose bleeding?

Water from the showerhead was splashing on him .

As he stood there in the bathroom, crystalline droplets flowed freely down the contour of his distinctively muscular torso .

She had to admit that his physique was as good as any international male models .

His body, with an inverted triangular frame, was of golden proportions . His ribbed muscles, especially the eight, firm abs that unabashedly entered her sight, could inspire a rush of adrenalin in any woman .

Although he was well-proportioned, his body was more lean than brawny, unlike those muscle builders . His muscles were just the right volume, clearly visible but not ostentatious, and offered enough visual impact!

It was only with him that she truly appreciated the meaning of a visual feast .

“Hubby, you’re really sexy!” She could not help exclaiming this at him .

The man turned to look at her, then broke into a soft chuckle after a pause . “Wifey, why is your nose bleeding?”

“Is my nose bleeding?! I…”

She reached out to wipe her nose unconsciously, not paying attention to the subtle mockery in his tone . Only when she could not find any bloodstain on her philtrum despite wiping a few times did she realize that she had been tricked . She told him off with a glare . “You’re always teasing me!”

He grinned rather mischeviously before hooking his index finger at her . “Come here . ”

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His magnetic, husky voice reverberated seductively inside the shower room, which drew the woman closer to him involuntarily .

Without realizing what she was doing, she had walked over, sized him up at proximity, and asked, “What do you want?”

He suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her into the shower room with him .

Before she could react, she was drenched by the water pouring from the overhanging showerhead . By the time her head stopped whirling, the man had already pinned her against the wall .

His naked torso pinned her petite frame in place, and she was effectively trapped .

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The milk carton dropped onto the ground, where the spilled white fluid followed the excess water down the drain .


She looked at him with a start; this was when her eyes landed on his sexy bod . Drawing a sharp intake of cold breath, she stuttered, “H-Hey, I-I… My clothes are getting wet…”

“It’s fine . ”

Water droplets hung on his eyelashes as he dipped his eyes at her . With their bodies close to each other, she could easily see the clear droplets clinging onto the edge of his long eyelashes when she looked up .

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He started to unbutton her top .

Looking abashed, the woman caught hold of his large palms and remarked hesitantly, “Xiao Jie and Hua Jin are upstairs; don’t do this…”

The man was not perturbed . “This house has a good sound-insulation system . You don’t have to worry too much . ”


That did not seem to assure her as she continued to fumble with her words; her face had become bright red by then . His proactive stance greatly embarrassed her!

Her husband, who was really amused by her, teased, “Are you feeling shy?”