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Published at 16th of January 2021 01:15:21 AM

Chapter 2249

Time slipped by as the five carried their play until the wee hours . By the time the last game ended, it was already 4:50 AM .

The knowledge that it was already dawn did not diminish their enthusiasm .

Compared to the adults, the boy was feeling sleepy and wanted to go to bed . Hence, his mother brought him to his room, then coaxed him to sleep .

With the little ‘demon king’ gone, the game could not continue naturally .

Nonetheless, the boy’s partner-in-crime, the big ‘demon king’, was still looking fresh and alert .

In fact, the three men present were true workaholics, who held no distinction between day and night .

In particular, Gong Jie was so used to flying around the globe that the time difference did not bother him in the least . As such, he did not feel sleepy even after staying awake all night .

As for Hua Jin, the actor was already used to pulling an all-nighter to film night scenes, so staying up until now was nothing to him . The same could be said for Mu Yazhe .

He often worked up to four in the morning before he got married; thus, his biological clock was already used to an irregular sleeping pattern . Now that he was a family man, though, he was conscious of finishing work early, so he could return to his wife and children who were awaiting him at home .

The four sat at the table, and as the game could not go on, the lady host got snacks and tea for them all while they chit-chatted .

By 5 AM, she could not hold up any longer and, with a yawn, told them that she had to rest .

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Hua Jin was about to go home when she stopped him . “It’s already late . Why don’t you get some sleep first; we have a few guest rooms upstairs . ”

“Will I… disturb your family?” The young man was hesitant .

The hostess was about to speak when a voice boomed coldly next to her . “Yes, you will . ”

She turned around with a start, only to see her husband telling the actor with a disdainful look, “So you’d better get lost now . ”

Her brother quickly jumped to Hua Jin’s defense . “That’s not nice of you, brother-in-law! You’re merely saying that because you feel unhappy over losing to him repeatedly, and this is your way of taking revenge, isn’t this? What a loser—hmph!”

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“Shut your trap!” coldly rebuked the male host as the other gave him a hostile look .

The woman hastily stepped in to ease the tension . “Alright, alright, stop fighting . Xiao Jie, why don’t you stay over, too?”

Her brother replied petulantly, “I want to, but brother-in-law doesn’t really welcome me . ”

“You are right in that aspect,” immediately retorted Mu Yazhe .


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Upon her brother’s complaint, Yun Shishi walked over to her husband angrily . Clapping her two hands over the sides of his face, she kneaded his cheeks vigorously . “Hmph! Let me warn you: You’d better be nice to my brother!”

The man frowned slightly before he smiled indulgently at the coquettish woman standing in front of him . He held her hand uncaringly and planted a soft kiss on her fingertip . “Okay; anything you say . ”

“Now, that’s my man!” His woman beamed, caressed his head lightly, and happily brought the guests upstairs .

The house had three guest rooms, one hall, and one bathroom on the second floor .

After settling the young men, she took two cartons of milk back to the bedroom .

Her husband was taking a shower while she stood at the bathroom entrance, sipping her milk as she openly admired his sexy bod .