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Chapter 2245: 2245
Chapter 2245: Fight the Landlord (6)

Gong Jie’s thick yet broad hand steadily moved to support his nape as he pressed his thin, slightly cool lips against his warm ones and sucked the tissue from him .

That hand gesture startled and rendered the actor momentarily dazed, for it was usually reserved to women when being kissed by men; every bit of that action revealed the unique dominating and imperceptibly tender side of men .

Even though the tissue had some volume, it was still so thin it was almost like air . He could very distinctly feel the softness and coolness of Gong Jie’s lips as his breath fanned him when their lips made indirect contact, though such sensations only lasted for a second before the other man quickly sucked the tissue from him .

His eyes widened in shock, his hand involuntarily flying up his lips to caress them, which retained some of the other man’s warmth, as his face flushed and his heart beat wildly .

He was still reeling from the earlier shock when Gong Jie turned around and walked briskly over to the trash bin, where he gently dropped the sheet of tissue after aiming it at its opening .

He even purposefully lowered his body, lest the tissue float elsewhere due to his great height .

“The first sheet was a success!” shouted Youyou encouragingly . “Come on, uncle! Nine more to go!”

Gong Jie: “…”

Hua Jin: “…”

Their countenances darkened once more; the male idol, in particular, was nearly breaking down in tears right now .

What is this?!

I’m an innocent party, alright?!

Hiding her face behind her hands, Yun Shishi helplessly said, “This is such a spicy game . ”

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Even her son was thoroughly amused and could not resist commenting, “Only a wicked man like daddy is capable of coming up with such a perverse game . ”

Unfortunately for him, his father heard what he had said despite him having kept his voice to the minimal level .

The man gave his son’s head a flick in displeasure . “You’re not allowed to speak ill of me . ”


Thereafter, Gong Jie and Hua Jie repeated the process nine more times and successfully finished playing this perverse game of Mu Yazhe’s .

To be honest, it was not a difficult game at all .

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It was just that awkwardness and discomfort would inevitably arise when the two men’s lips had to touch .

Gong Jie, being the typical straight guy that he was, naturally had it worse, for this was his first time kissing someone his peer and of the same gender .

Even though their lips were separated by a sheet of tissue, it was virtually non-existent due to its thin layer, and they could still feel each other’s lips and warm breath . This was why they did not appear to be in the best mood when they returned to their seats after completing the game; the chief commander, in particular, looked especially livid and gloomy .

“Another round!” fiercely growled the chap at them .

Upon witnessing this, his young nephew could not help opening his rosy, little lips to gush, “Wow! That’s so cool of you, uncle! You’re all fired up!”

“Hmph! I want revenge!” declared the man haughtily before he proceeded to shuffle the cards; his technique was so swift that one could get bedazzled .

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Looks like uncle is going all out this time .

I ought to be careful, or else I could end up as a cannon fodder, too .

The third round began with Gong Jie being the apparent landlord again .

The boy lamented from the side, “Why are you always getting the landlord card, uncle? You’re practically a professional landlord now . It’s only the third game, but this is already your second time being the landlord . ”

“I didn’t wish to get this card, either, alright?!” He snorted unkindly at his nephew in return . He was apparently very unhappy with his hand of cards as well .

At that, Yun Shishi remarked, “You look like a veteran who plays cards often, so you naturally have the landlord’s halo . ”