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Published at 14th of January 2021 12:05:17 AM

Chapter 2244

Snickering behind his little hands, Youyou nudged his mother’s shoulder as he whispered, “Mommy, guess what sort of sadistic games daddy will come up for them!”

“I have no idea”—she shook her head blankly—”though I suppose it’ll surely be something torturous to them!”

Even though the woman lowered her volume to the bare minimum, due to them sitting opposite of each other, Hua Jin inadvertently heard what she had said, loud and clear .

Physical punishment, please!

I’m all for physical punishment!

I’d rather do push-ups than play the sick and twisted game set by this man!

Sure enough, his conjecture was proven right the next second when Mu Yazhe announced the rules of the tissue paper game .

The actor had to suck and pass sheets of tissue of moderate thickness, one at a time, over to Gong Jie with his mouth, then the latter would have to suck that tissue from his mouth and walk all the way over to the trash bin, where he would throw it in . They had to repeat this process nine more times in order for the game to be considered a success .

I-Isn’t this as good as kissing on the lips?!

What’s more; it’s between two men!

The two losers shared an uncomfortable look with each other, feeling disgusted at the thought of them sharing a ‘kiss’ .

He then nonchalantly added, “Oh, yeah . You’ll also be punished for dropping the tissue, though you can be exempted from it if you suck it up from the ground . Do you understand the rules?”

His question was met with dead silence .

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The two men’s faces had completely darkened by then .

He’s obviously making a fool out of me! What sort of tissue paper game is this?! Never mind if the other party is a female, but Hua Jin?! T-This is driving me insane!

While Gong Jie was extremely upset with the rules of the game, Hua Jin could not help feeling that he was a victim who had been unjustly implicated in this game .

Even though it was not his first time locking lips with a man, he dared not even imagine himself sharing an indirect kiss with the demon king . What was going to happen to him if he accidentally crossed a red line and offended the demon king? He would surely get swallowed whole!

Youyou’s shoulders were shaking uncontrollably and his tears were about to leak as he tried his hardest to hold back his laughter . “Interesting . How interesting the game is . Don’t be a spoilsport, uncle . As what you said earlier, just accept a loss like a true gentleman and get on with the punishment . I got the props all prepared . ”

Gong Jie shot a glance at the ten sheets of tissue that his nephew had prepared for them, and his lips twitched for a good while before he eventually swallowed his anger and spat, “Fine . ”

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He then coolly glanced at his brother-in-law and eked out a smile . “You win!”

With that, he pushed the actor to a corner and ordered, “Let’s get started . ”


Hua Jin, who was highly afraid of ending up as collateral damage, immediately acted in accordance with the rules of their punishment; dipping his head, he sucked a sheet of tissue to his mouth, walked over to the other man, and lifted his head high .

Both of them were standing, but due to his partner being much taller than him, he had to stand on tiptoes in order to reach the other’s lips .

Alas, he failed to maintain his stability and almost lost his footing .

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Worse still, that sheet of tissue paper between his lips floated to the chair, much to his partner’s dismay .

Gong Jie scolded, “Can’t you be more careful?!”

The actor curtly shot back under his breath . “Who asked you to grow so tall?!”

He was more livid than ever .

“Pick it up . ”

Ripples of emotions appeared on Hua Jin’s face before he slowly bent down and sucked that sheet of tissue to his mouth again . However, he did not expect to be greeted with the sight of the other man leaning over slightly and shoving his face closer to him when he looked up .