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Published at 15th of January 2021 12:40:17 AM

Chapter 2246

Youyou added, “It’s not easy to play the landlord this round . I’ve got plenty of bomb cards, as well as four king cards, in my hand . You’re bound to lose again, uncle . ”

His uncle snickered . “You’re bluffing . ”

He huffed and replied, “Just wait and see, then!”

Being the first player to start the game, Gong Jie threw out a seven-card straight, 78910JQK, but was unfortunately blocked by his brother-in-law, who put down the highest-ranking straight, 8910JQKA .

There was no way for the other players to neutralize his cards unless they had bomb cards to put down .

The moment Mu Yazhe played his cards down, the possibility of him being the secret landlord was immediately ruled out, for no secret landlord would deliberately block their ally’s cards . This was why no one had stopped him from continuing to play his cards .

However, right when he was about to finish clearing his cards, his sharp-eyed son keenly spotted a particular card among the ones he had thrown .

Nine of spades .

It was the card that Gong Jie had called to be the secret landlord .

Youyou was the first one to discover this, but the rest of the players soon spotted it as well .

“Daddy, you’re the secret landlord?!”

Yun Shishi was utterly gobsmacked when she saw the card!

Having mistakenly thought that her husband was one of her teammates, she did not worry about him playing his cards at all . In the end, much to her surprise, he had been the secret landlord all along .

Even her brother was equally confused and lost about the situation at hand . “You’re the secret landlord?”

Mu Yazhe nodded and frankly admitted it . “Yup . ”

His admittance got his brother-in-law blowing a fuse right away . “Then, why the hell did you keep blocking my cards?!”

He airily replied, “‘Cause you’re an eyesore . ”

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The rest of them: “…”

Gong Jie was thrown off by this response once more .

Without further ado, the woman put down a bomb card to impede her husband from playing any more cards .

By now, the other camp was pretty much out of ammunition, too .

Mu Yazhe had a good hand, with even a bomb card, at first, but he had long wasted it in his attempt to prevent his brother-in-law from winning .

Likewise, the latter had used his two bomb cards to blast the former .

They, thus, had no cards that they could play .

Youyou had a rather impressive hand this round . He, too, had thought that his father was an ally, so he had been giving way to the man all along . Now that his father’s identity was exposed, he began playing his cards sans any reservation .

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Without any cards that could suppress his set, his uncle and father could only watch him be unstoppable in the game .

The boy, his mother, and the actor joined hands and eventually won this round with good chemistry .

Gong Jie tossed his cards away and whined gloomily, “Fancy us fighting against each other when we could’ve won this round! Don’t you have any stand, bro-in-law? Why would you suppress my cards?”

Again, his brother-in-law uttered his golden saying: “‘Cause you’re an eyesore!”

He was totally enraged now . “You!”

His sister immediately went to mediate between them . “Regardless of the reason, it’s a fact that you both lost this round, so just obediently accept your punishment . ”

Youyou was splitting his sides from total amusement .  To think I assumed that my daddy was in our camp! Ha ha ha! Uncle ended up losing another round; I didn’t expect the game to end with both of them losing .

Gong Jie, meanwhile, was all depressed and aggrieved over his loss this time .

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“Hmm… How should I punish the two of you?”

The boy tugged his lips into a cold, callous smile, which got the adult feeling quite fearful .

This little one is pure evil . Gosh, I couldn’t imagine what sort of punishment he’d come up with for me this time .

Hua Jin and Yun Shishi, on the other hand, were all calm and composed as they quietly sat at the side .

“How about this: Uncle, hold hands with my daddy until the end of the next round . Your fingers must be interlocking . ”

The man’s eyes got as wide as saucers from his shock . “Are you kidding me?”

“Nope . I’m serious here, so stop dilly-dallying and just hold hands . ”