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Published at 12th of January 2021 02:30:16 PM

Chapter 2238

Witnessing this intimate scene from the corner of his eyes, Youyou’s face turned beet-red . He then covered his eyes bashfully as he forced himself not to look .

See no evil, hear no evil!

Although he kept warning himself, the boy could not contain his curiosity and peeked through the gaps between his fingers to see this tender moment .

Little Yichen had also witnessed this scene . He tugged on Gong Jie’s hair and said excitedly, “Uncle, look!”

The man hissed in pain as he looked in the direction his nephew was pointing, only to knit his brows when he saw this heart-skipping moment .

He walked over unhappily . Just as his brother-in-law was about to give his sister another kiss, he stretched his hand between the two faces .

Mu Yazhe, who was caught off guard, planted a kiss on his palm, instead .

“Ha ha ha!”

Seeing this, Youyou held his belly in laughter .

His father raised his gaze and sent the younger chap a vicious glare, asking coldly, “What are you doing?”

“Hey! Don’t you know how to mind your image in public, brother-in-law?” mocked the other hostility .

Hmph .

How dare he kiss my sister secretly when I wasn’t paying attention?

They should at least avoid this siscon if they wanted to be intimate!

Spare a thought for his feelings, alright?

Yun Shishi flushed in embarrassment from her neck up when she heard this, turning her head away and clearing her throat as if nothing had just happened .

“What image?”

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“It’s none of your business when I kiss my wife,” said her husband self-righteously .

His concise and comprehensive words rendered Gong Jie speechless .

The younger of the two lads laughed dauntlessly, almost falling off his father’s shoulders .

His father patted his bum unhappily . “Behave a little!”

The older of the twins pouted as he ridiculed, “Daddy, this is wrong! Shouldn’t your first kiss during the new year be for your son? You kissed mommy, then what about me? I want one, too . ”

His father’s lips curled into a smile as he casually acquiesced, “Alright . ”

With that, Mu Yazhe suddenly leaned forward and reached out . He gently raised his son’s jaw with his slender fingers and leaned slightly to the side to plant a soft kiss on the latter’s lips .


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His son’s face turned so red he seemed to be bleeding!

It was just a casual remark, but his dumb daddy took it for real!

He even gave him a kiss like that . His every movement was charming and even more alluring than the Greek gods in idol dramas!

Especially that smile in his eyes, it was enough to take anyone down in an instant!

Had anyone seen a father provoking his son before?!

Has anyone?!

Little Yichen let out a yelp as he jumped off Gong Jie’s shoulder and ran away bashfully . “Daddy, you’re so annoying! Teasing other people like that!”

His father remained silent .

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Yun Shishi laughed loudly out of amusement with tears forming at the corner of her eyes .

Was this lively little fella sent from the heavens specifically to humor them?

Seeing her smile, her brother felt even more vexed . He huffed coldly as he said, “Sis is so biased . You let brother-in-law kiss you but not me . ”

“You are not a child anymore . ” The woman was rendered exasperated by his words .

“No, sis . To be fair, you have to kiss me quickly . ” Her twin acted coy .

With that, he closed his eyes and moved forward with his clean face . He pointed at his cheek and said, “Kiss me here . ”

Her lips twitched harshly at that .