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Chapter 2239: 2239
Chapter 2239: Daddy, run!

Her lips twitched harshly at that .

However, in the next second, her husband turned toward her brother and reached out to grip his jaw . He then leaned forward and smacked his lips on the latter’s cheek .

Gong Jie’s eyes widened at this . When he spotted the culprit before him, he jumped up in fury as he held his cheek and yelled with anger and resentment, “What did you do?!”

Mu Yazhe gave him a sinister smile, then spoke seductively to provoke the other . “Uncle, was that kiss satisfactory?”


Furious and embarrassed, his brother-in-law spat ‘pervert’ harshly, then threw a punch at him .

He dodged it nimbly while commenting in disdain, “Hah! You missed . ”

Seeing that his uncle had truly gotten angry, Youyou hurriedly held his father’s hand and pulled him for a run out of protection .

“Daddy, run! Uncle is going to beat you up!”

“Pervert! Stop right there!”

The chap gave chase as he waved his fists .

Yun Shishi and Hua Jin, who were left behind, stood rooted to the ground with their mouths agape . They finally came back to their senses after a while and roared with laughter as they held their stomachs!

“Ha ha ha!”

The night view of the fireworks by the riverbank was truly enchanting .

By the time they returned home after the fireworks, it was already 2 AM .

The actor originally wanted to head back earlier, but she stopped him and suggested that they stay up late together .

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When they reached home, the two little fellas were naturally exhausted after causing a din .

In contrast, Gong Jie and Mu Yazhe were still energetic and in great spirits despite causing a scene earlier .

Therefore, she was dragged by the two to play cards, with Hua Jin naturally added to the group .

After playing a few rounds as a warm-up, they all knew one another’s abilities .

Of course, some of them were still holding back .

Little Yichen had already fallen asleep, but Youyou lay wide awake in bed . Hearing the lively noise coming from the living room, he walked out curiously . The moment he saw that they were playing ‘Fight the Landlord'[1], he clamored to join the game .

How could they play ‘Fight the Landlord’ with five people, though?

“Five people can play with an open and a secret landlord!” suddenly said Hua Jin .

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An open and a secret landlord .

The rules were that, after shuffling the cards, the landlord who received the open card would play a card suit and draw out the secret landlord .

With two decks of cards, there would be two cards of the same suit .

The secret landlord with the other card suit would have to remain calm and collected . After confirming his teammate’s identity, they would hide as a peasant and secretly help the open landlord to win the game .

The rest of them did not have any issues with the new rules .

“What happens to the person who loses? It won’t be interesting if there’s no penalty,” remarked Gong Jie faintly .

At this moment, it was Yun Shishi’s turn to look miserable . “Can we not gamble with money? It is the new year, and I am as poor as a jingle, so I can’t afford to lose . ”

The four of them coldly cast their glances on her .

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Her son was even slightly exasperated . “Mommy, why are you talking as if you are definitely going to lose?”

“That’s because our capabilities aren’t balanced! The four of you look like gambling veterans while I am a rookie . If we play with real money, I will definitely be bankrupt fast . ”

The rest were befuddled .


“It’s alright; I am even worse than you, so I can be your scapegoat,” comforted her son .

Yun Shishi was satisfied when she heard his reassurance .

[1] A card game