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Published at 12th of January 2021 02:30:19 PM

Chapter 2237

It was just setting off fireworks . He was not afraid .

Instead, he looked forward to lighting them himself .

Lighting the fireworks himself and seeing them fly up into the night sky would bring him a great sense of achievement .

Moreover, these were just fireworks!

He had even played with rocket artillery before . Hence, to him, fireworks were just interesting toys which were a cinch to play .

Youyou raised his eyebrows . He suddenly remembered how this brother of his could not be placed on par with ordinary kids .

He had seen his sick prowess before . Lighting fireworks was indeed nothing much to the other .

“Alright, then . You’re in charge of lighting the fireworks while we watch!” He felt reassured but still told his older twin to be prudent . “Please be careful, though, alright? The fireworks’ power is formidable, so don’t underestimate them . ”

“I know!” Little Yichen was not grateful at all . “Why are you such a busybody?!”

Hearing that, the younger boy felt unwilling and coldly retorted, “Hmph! You’re so ungrateful! If you hurt yourself later, don’t cry about it as I won’t feel bad for you!”

With that, he ran to his mother’s side and coquettishly hugged her arm as they waited for the countdown to start .

11:59 PM .

It was the final minute .

All of a sudden, an increasing number of city residents gathered at the riverbank as they began to count down together .


“Nine, eight, seven…”

“Daddy, it’s time to light the fireworks!” yelled Little Yichen excitedly .

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Mu Yazhe, who had been leaning against the railing by the riverbank, heard his son’s voice, and his lips curled into a smile as he took out the cigarette he was smoking . He then walked over and knocked his son’s head before passing the lit stick to him .

Little Yichen grabbed the cigarette and rushed him to the side . “Daddy, be careful!”

The man walked to his wife’s side, gripping his younger boy’s shoulder with one hand and circling Yun Shishi’s waist with the other .

“Three, two…




Just as the clock struck midnight, countless fireworks rose to the sky . It was as if there was mystical chemistry between them as the fireworks boomed in the night sky!

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Little Yichen covered his ears as he ran back . Behind him, showers of fireworks lit up almost half the starry sky .

More and more people gathered by the riverbank .

The boy stood on his tiptoes but could not see anything clearly .

Behind him, a pair of hands suddenly reached out .

Gong Jie picked the lad up and placed him on his shoulder as he held him stably with one arm .

“Can you see them clearly now?”

“Yes! They are clear now!”

His uncle smiled before muttering wistfully, “Little fella, you sure are heavy!”

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However, brat rode the left side of his shoulders with a clear conscience while being supported by his arm . He gazed excitedly at the countless fireworks being lit by the riverbank .


Yun Shishi was engrossed in the view when Mu Yazhe pulled her toward his chest without warning and planted a deep kiss on her forehead .

“Madam, Happy New Year!”

Her heart skipped a beat over his sudden, tender sentiment .

She raised her eyes, only to be met by his gaze which was as gentle as water . She flushed as her eyes were laced with a trace of seduction .


Just as she gave this affirmation, the man, unable to control himself, kissed her on the lips .